Original Fruit Ninja, an amazing demonstration of cutting 41 apples in a knife trick

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With the help of three daggers, David Rush has successfully demonstrated 41 apples in the air.  Photo: File

Idaho: You must have seen or played the Fruit Ninja game on a smartphone in which the fruit thrown in the air is cut into two pieces with the fingers. But the scene can be seen in a video of an American acrobat.

In this video, Idaho resident David Rush shows three daggers simultaneously swinging in the air. Meanwhile, a man from the front throws an apple, which he cuts into the air with a single dagger in his hand.

The video, which is set to release on October 11, shows David stunting with three very sharp daggers and then cutting an apple thrown in the air in the middle and cutting it in two. This video is made from many angles in which their skills can be seen.

In another scene, the video can be seen in Slomotion, in which their perfection is clearly seen. In this game, they have cut 41 apples. However, David, who has been instrumental in promoting scientific education, has so far set 150 Guinness Book of World Records. However, this record of cutting apples is also the newest and unique. Earlier, 36 apples were cut in the air in one minute.

Earlier, 40-year-old David blindfolded and performed ball tricks. Have participated in marathon jumping rope. They have even run while performing tricks. Interestingly, he has broken dozens of records in the last four years.