Over 1,500 skeletons dating back to the Edo period have been found in Japan

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Over 1,500 skeletons dating back to the Edo period have been found in Japan

According to Fox News, archaeologists from Osaka, Japan have unearthed a cemetery containing more than 1,500 bodies. Excavations in Osaka’s Kita district began in 1991 and the Umedahaka cemeteries have been dated and dated to the Edo period between 1603 and 1867.

The excavated remains, including human bones, are currently being selected and analyzed“, the statement reads.”In addition to humans, animals are also buried in the cemetery, with more than four piglets in the northern part of the cemetery and two horses in the southern part.“.

According to Archeology, the Umedahaka burials are believed to have been used for over 200 years by those who lived near Osaka Castle. As for the remains themselves, none of the burials in the northern part of the site contained personal effects. Those who were buried without personal items were also found buried together, with multiple bodies at each spot. Researchers have since speculated that these people died during an epidemic or natural disaster.

According to experts, the remains found in the northern section belonged to less wealthy individuals and experts are using them to study the burial of average citizens. In addition, beads, gold coins, pipes, plates, pots, dolls and a Buddhist mortuary tablet were unearthed. According to Archeology, in fact, the dead here were buried individually in square or cremated wooden coffins and tubs and kept in urns.

Some of the dead had suffered from syphilis and bone tumors. Further discoveries will be conducted on this site in the future, we will see the insights of the researchers! According to Hyperallergic, in addition, the “Tomb of Umeda” is just one of the seven historic cemeteries in Osaka.

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