Pakistan bans the use of TikTok

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TikTok has been banned in Pakistan when considering the government of the country that the content that is published in it is “immoral and questionable”. The country is thus following the same path as neighboring India, where TikTok was permanently banned – along with 58 other Chinese applications – last January.

Pakistan follows in the footsteps of India, where the use of TikTok was banned in the summer, and permanently ratified last January

The blockade in Pakistan is a further limitation to TikTok expansion attempt by Asian countries, but it is not something that catches new. TikTok was already closed in Pakistan last October, when the government received numerous complaints about “indecent” content that was published on the social network. At that time, the social network was out of service for about 15 days and then it was available again.

However, the closure now seems final. Keep in mind that Pakistan is a country with a majority Muslim population and conservative government. Despite being an ally of China, the content displayed on the social network is frowned upon by government officials, which already passed a law in November that allowed regulators to censor any content on networks if it is contrary to their interests.

Under the Act, social media companies are obliged to remove content determined by the government, especially content that threatens the “integrity, security and defense of Pakistan.” Those who do not comply with government orders face fines of more than three million dollars … or even the closure of the service.

On TikTok the taunts towards the government and the “Great Leader” are constant. It is unknown if TikTok has ignored government censorship requests, but the reality is that the network has been blocked despite the fact that, at present, TikTok is the third most popular social application in the country, only behind WhatsApp and Facebook. It is estimated that over the past year it was downloaded more than 18 million times (Pakistan has a population of 200 million people).

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