‘Pause CoronaMelder app not bad for combating corona pandemic’

pause coronamelder app not bad for combating corona pandemic
pause coronamelder app not bad for combating corona pandemic

For the fight against the corona pandemic, it makes little difference that the CoronaMelder app does not notify users for two days if they have been in the vicinity of an infected person.

Quarter of the population has the app

Virologist Marion Koopmans also thinks that the effect of the break is “not dramatic”, because only a quarter of the Dutch have downloaded the app. “The most important thing is that people continue to report themselves to complaints,” says Koopmans.

The  CoronaMelder app has been downloaded a total of 4.8 million times on both iOS and Android. The app uses Bluetooth anonymously to monitor whether users have been close to other people for more than 15 minutes. If they then test positive, they can warn other users of the app.


Recently, a survey found that more than 144,000 people have received such a report from the app. People who got tested after reporting were significantly more likely to be infected than the rest of the population. This would show that the app does have an effect.

Another study revealed many points of criticism  : the app could be even more effective and would still ‘insufficiently support’ the source and contact research of the GGD. During the source and contact investigation, GGD employees must ask whether an infected person uses the CoronaMelder. If so, a code will be sent, but the user must then send the alert (anonymously), otherwise his or her contacts will not be notified. There can also be many days between the exposure to an infected person and the notification by the app.