PC demand skyrockets in 2020: Lenovo sweeps and HP sells the least

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2020 has implied that the telecommuting in all Spain. As a result, both companies and individuals have been forced to buy computers, the vast majority portable, for work at home. As a result, all the major computer manufacturers have sold more in 2020, but there is one of them that is, by far, the one that has sold the least: HP.


According to the data published this week by IDC, the sale of computers grew by 26.1% in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the same period 2019, reaching 91.6 million units sold. Throughout 2020, the distributed units grew by 13.1% compared to 2019, adding a total of 302.6 million units all over the world.

According to IDC, the entire supply chain of manufacturers was pushed to the limit. Added to the restrictions to prevent contagion was the shortage of some components. To fill this shortage as quickly as possible, it was necessary to resort to shipments by air, which has made the manufacturing costs increase.

To find growth figures similar to those of 2020, it is necessary to go back to 2010, when the computer sales they grew 13.7%. Since then, there have been six years of downfalls. There are many reasons that explained these drops, but among them it is clear that the introduction of mobile phones and tablets made computers remain in the background as platforms to consume content in favor of other more comfortable devices. In addition, they affect factors such as that some people choose to make computers in pieces, as well as that a computer from 7 or 8 years ago can be used today to work without problems (as long as we put an SSD, yes).

Lenovo remains the market leader for another year

Lenovo remained in 2020 as the market leader with a 24% share, growing 12% with respect to the previous year. Other manufacturers grew by 29.1% as is the case with Apple, although it remains in fourth place with a 7.6% share. HP remains in second place, but loses a 0.9% share in the last year.

In case of HP is paradoxical, since it is the company that grew the least in 2020, with an increase of only 7.5% in distributed units. Only Dell accompanies it in single-digit figures, the rest having grown to double digits.

Those figures are even more striking in the fourth quarter of 2020, where they only distributed 11.3% more units than in the fourth quarter of 2019. Lenovo, the market leader, increased shipments by 29%, and Apple reached increase 49.2%.

Behind these small increases can be found facts like that HP is the second brand whose laptops have the highest failure rate. According to the latest available report from Rescuecom published in late 2019, HP computers are the second least reliable on the market, only ahead of Acer. In the dominant zone, the most reliable are those of Microsoft and Lenovo.

HP shares have risen the least in 2020

The HP shares are also the ones fewer have grown in 2020. Apple’s are up 67%, Lenovo’s 66%, Dell’s 55% and Acer’s 52%. Those of HP, however, are up only 24%.

Therefore, it seems that HP has been the least able to take advantage of this increase in demand produced in 2020, where consumers demand more and more quality, and brands like Lenovo are knowing how to take advantage of it. At CES 2021 we have seen how the new Lenovo computers equip the latest technology, with 4K displays compatible with Dolby Vision and spectacular color quality, in addition to equipping Dolby Atmos sound. They have also announced computers with the best gaming components, such as high refresh rate displays, with AMD Ryzen 5000 processors and NVIDIA RTX 3000 graphics.


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