PC, POS, TV and bike bonus: all the information you need to know

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There are many measures put in place by the Italian government to stimulate economic recovery: let’s take stock of all the upcoming bonuses.

special Bonus PC, POS, TV and bike: all the information you need to know

In the last year, the Government has put on the plate a series of bonuses and concessions for Italian families. They added to the Bonus TV vouchers for internet and PC, but also for bicycles and scooters electric, while from 1 December it will be the turn of the POS Bonus, which aims to facilitate the use of electronic money in our country as well.

PC and internet bonus of 500 Euros

In this roundup of discounts we could not start with the 500 Euro pc and internet bonus, recently published in the Official Gazette and intended for the poorest families, who do not have an internet connection at home.
The Ministry of Economic Development noted that the measure became necessary during the weeks of the lockdown, when many students were unable to attend classes from home because they lacked the necessary devices or connections.

The voucher is aimed at families with ISEE income up to 20 thousand Euros per year and is configured as a discount on the purchase of a tablet or PC, and on the activation of an ultra-broadband internet connection with a speed of at least 30 Mb / s.
The two things are closely linked as users who comply with the requirement will have to request the device and connection directly to the telephone operators, who will be offering offers with internet + tablet / PC from the next few weeks. The bonus lasts for one year, after which users will become owners of the device: the “loan for use“which had long been talked about in the previous weeks.

POS Bonus (State Cashback)

The second bonus coming from the Government is the so called “state cashback” which, as the name suggests, will resume the functioning of the cashbacks paid by various credit institutions on purchases. The objective of this measure is to encourage the use of electronic money, to combat tax evasion and avoid the circulation of cash.
The POS Bonus, judging by the latest rumors, should be a 6-month repayment of 10% of the total transactions carried out with electronic payments at all stores. In recent weeks, however, it has emerged that to access the program it will be necessary to reach a minimum limit of operations per semester, 50 apparently.

The six-monthly repayment can be of a maximum of 1,500 Euros (therefore 3,000 euros per year against a total cost of 30,000 euros). However, there is no minimum amount: you can also pay for coffee at the POS, since the commissions for merchants for payments of less than 5 Euros have also been eliminated.

To this measure, which will be in effect from 1 December 2020, will also be added the supercashback for digital payments, which it will be paid to the first 100,000 Italian citizens who will use more cards for payments. The supercashback provides for a refund of 3,000 euros per year, also divided into two tranches of 1,500 euros.

Basically, therefore, for 100 thousand citizens a refund of 6,000 euros is expected in one year.

Bike Bonus

On November 3, 2020, the click day will start for the bike and scooter bonus. Contrary to what happened for the two bonuses we talked about a little earlier, in this case the measure has already been in force since 4 May 2020, when many citizens started buying bikes and scooters with the hope of recovering 60% of the cost, up to a maximum of 500 euros.

During the click day, the so-called “talking” invoices and receipts must be presented to be uploaded through the Ministry’s platform, using their SPID credentials.
Overall, the Government has put 210 million euros on the plate, and the measure will be valid until 31 December 2020, subject to the exhaustion of funds.

TV bonus

Although it has not been included in the decrees that entered into force this year, the 50 Euro TV bonus that has been prepared by the Executive is still available in view of the switch off to DVB-T2, which will start next September 1st.

Operation is much more immediate since it will be necessary to present a certification, accompanied by an identity card and tax code, to the dealer when purchasing a decoder or television.
The measure is aimed at ISEE I and II income brackets, with annual income not exceeding 20 thousand euros. Obviously, each household can only access the bonus once.