Personal data of 533 million Facebook users exposed

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The personal data of 533 million users of the social network have been discovered and were available on an internet forum, as reported by a computer security researcher named Alon Gal.

Facebook ensures that it is information extracted before 2019 and that the error is resolved

According to their records, among the data that has been compromised is personal information that includes telephone numbers, Facebook user names, full names and surnames, address, dates of birth and other sensitive information included in the profiles, including addresses of emails.

Apparently Facebook users from 106 countries have seen their information compromised. Among them, 32 million users in the United States, 11 million users in the United Kingdom and 10 million users in Spainas well as 6 million users in India and more than a million affected in more than 50 additional countries.

As it has been learned, this information, corresponding to 533 million users, was already available last January for Telegram users who wanted to buy it through a bot. However, this time there was nothing to pay for it, it was accessible for free on an Internet forum.

For its part, Facebook has indicated that this information comes from a vulnerability that was already resolved in 2019. That is, the data should have been extracted at least two years ago, when the security hole had not been solved. Now the data that had been obtained in the same way that in January had been put up for sale through the Telegram bot has been posted.

This is why Facebook has downplayed the fact that sensitive information has come to light, since anyone who had access to it in the past can post it again in the future, as has been done now, so that more users can access it. she.


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