Photoshop’s camera is updated with notable improvements: switch to wide angle, timer and more

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Photoshop's camera is updated with notable improvements: switch to wide angle, timer and more

One of Adobe’s most popular mobile applications has just received an update that greatly improves its capabilities: Photoshop Camera allows switching between the phone’s primary and secondary camera, includes a shot timer and improves the ability of your artificial intelligence (sensei) to identify people even in low light.

It is to quote Photoshop so that its professional application to retouch images comes to mind, but the truth is that it is not the only one: Adobe prints the Photoshop brand to a good number of mobile apps. There’s even a camera app for creatively capturing photos, Photoshop Camera. This app is well known due to its features and quality, two characteristics that Adobe continues to promote: its most recent update is now available. And it comes with juicy news.

Switch between the different cameras on your mobile

Photoshop Camera Change Sensor

Photoshop Camera is an excellent application if what you are looking for is to obtain a more creative style when taking pictures. Its filters and compositions are of enormous quality, both in appearance and in result. And the best part is that new themes are constantly being added, all with free access.

The main novelty of the latest Photoshop Camera update (version number 1.1.0) is that the app now distinguishes between the different cameras on the phone to enable them in capture mode. In this way, photos can be taken with the secondary wide-angle camera on those mobiles that have it, for example, both focusing on the back side and taking selfies. With one drawback: Photoshop Camera doesn’t always detect all available sensors, so its availability in the application may vary (not all brands offer access to secondary cameras in third-party apps).

Photoshop Camera Change Sensor

Another option demanded by users has also been included with the latest Photoshop camera update: the timer. Hidden in the upper options of the screen (in the three points above), it is now possible choose a countdown so that the photo is taken automatically When the time is up One press selects three seconds, a second press changes to 10 seconds, and the third deactivates the timer.

In addition to direct user options Adobe has improved recognition of people in low light. The artificial intelligence in charge of the process, Adobe Sensei, is now more precise, so filters can be applied even in low light situations. The capabilities of the cameras of each mobile will also influence the results.

As a final touch Adobe has improved the performance of the application with greater compatibility. And now it can be downloaded: the latest version of Photoshop Camera is available on the Google Play Store. If it doesn’t appear, try the APK of Apk Mirror.

Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Adobe
  • To download: For Android on Google Play

Via | Android Police