Pluto TV: 40 channels, series and movies for free and without registration

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Unlike music streaming platforms, none of the ones we have seen reach the territory of series, movies and documentaries in recent years has wanted to flirt with total free, as Spotify still maintains thanks to that free plan whereby users listen to millions of songs in exchange for paying attention to advertising that they offer within the app. So it was taking time for someone to jump into the audiovisual segment.

Viacom has decided to bring to Spain a service that is already operating in other countries from Europe such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria or the United Kingdom, and it will be at the end of this month of October when North Americans land in our country with a more than interesting offer of content that they define as premium and that, initially, will correspond to 40 exclusive channels, also in VOD (video on demand), with themes of cinema, series, children, reality, sports and video games.

No prior registration is required

One of the great advantages of Pluto TV is that It will not be necessary to create an account or register on any site since, like the channels that we can see through DTT, their income comes through the advertising they will offer us. Hence, we simply have to start the application, access and see what we want. Luckily, and being a platform already established and operating in other countries, It will reach all the ecosystems that allow the installation of specific apps simultaneously. That includes iOS and Android, but also the most popular STBs (set-top boxes) on the market, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, televisions and Chromecast with Google TV (formerly Android TV), TV Plus, Roku or Philips.

Pluto TV arrives in Spain. Pluto TV

The landing of Pluto TV in Spain will also have the presence of a strategic partner such as Movistar +, which will focus on the development of the entire commercial part of the platform, so it will be decisive when measuring the success that it can have in our country. As stated by Sergio Oslé, president of the Telefónica television platform, “Pluto TV adds a new asset to Movistar + ‘s value proposition to the advertising market. A model based on presence in highly qualitative environments, 100 brand safety, of premium quality that offers new ways of being on the new TV, that of multiplatform audiovisual content. We continue working for the digital transformation of TV advertising; the premium and secure environment is enriched with formats and purchasing models that are more typical of the digital world. This alliance represents a step in innovation and continuous improvement of our capabilities as a platform of platforms and as an advertising marketer. “