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Pokemon Threat Purple: Review

Pokemon Threat Purple: Review
Pokemon Threat Purple: Review

Pokemon Menaccia Viola is a free PC game starring Dario Moccia and his lore: incredible, but true!

Purple Threat Pokémon it immediately conquers you with its expressive and detailed pixel art, which in a few moments manages to transport you to a new yet so familiar world. That it is an impossible microphone to adjust, a puppet that symbolizes the strength of a passion, some card collector to put in order, the title developed by those Nontendo playwrights is full of precious details that give a unique character to the setting. The adventure starts suddenly, leaving the player immediately out of breath. Dario is a successful, young and enterprising streamer, engaged in a dying or catastrophic marathon when his future wife Agnese is kidnapped by the mysterious organization CP2. Thus begins a journey to discover the secrets of the Colle, the mysterious island where the events take place.

At the helm of the development studio, we find the talented Emdy, masterfully orchestrated by an association that ironically (and here we could speak of breaking the fourth wall) bears the same name as the secret corporation which represents the adverse force of Purple Threat. The study immediately demonstrates his creative streak, defusing the many clichés that the Pokémon saga carries with it. In short, do not expect the classic choice of the starter, but to be honest not even the traditional capture mechanics: the first stroke of genius lies precisely in the fact that in Purple Threat the pokémon are represented by the relative cards. A nice wink to all collectors and a great way to characterize the protagonist’s background.

Dario, I choose you!

Once the first formalities have been completed, it is clear that Purple Threat it has an attitude devoted to exploration: the structure of the adventure encourages the young Dario to search every ravine and every building, rummaging in a series of vases that bear the colours of the CP2 and its triangular and divine emblem.

The encounter with the various characters sometimes triggers small side quests, which will be up to the player to complete. How to distract the cursing Masseo from his matches in FIFA, and how to make the statuary Masella happy, who seems to have found an alternative cult based on the adoration of cards of a completely different invoice? If you think that to do it, just like in other productions of the series, a photo of the trinkets, you’re wrong. The adventure then continues to discover the Casino di Ettore, where a mysterious figure wanders, and other areas full of secrets, enhanced by an effective soundtrack, which does not disdain a touch of Frenchcore.

Let’s be clear from the start: the narrative arc of Purple Threat it is a concentrate of classy touches, of sweet nostalgia, of hermetic and obscure references that only the most expert connoisseurs of lore will be able to understand. Unexpectedly, the game also manages to pose devastating ethical and moral questions, which will put users to the test and make them reflect on fundamental choices.

From a playful point of view, the battles take place classically, taking advantage of the creatures that Dario will be able to recover. The henchmen of CP2 will rarely give the protagonist a hard time, and will only renew a challenge that can be managed after all.

The things, however, they will take an unexpected turn on the finish, in a crescendo that will lead to an epic clash: there you will understand what the real Purple Threat is that gives the production its title, a creature that represents the very essence of CP2. It must be admitted that while the reading of the names that make up the secret society is truly destabilizing, the latest twist is all in all regular, to the point that someone could call it normaloid. Yet, just after the end credits, Purple Threat reveals a post-game that will surprise even the most hardcore fans of the brand. Boss fight with a completely new structure and even a battle against an unsurpassed creature will stunned anyone who has been passionate about the path of the young hero in recent years.

A valuable edition

More unique than rare, the Thunderous Edition of Purple Threat Pokémon also includes one official shirt of the CP2 and the incredible Amiibo of Ceepedual, the legendary Pokémon forged in the dark rifle of the secret association. A small masterpiece.


Purple Threat Pokémon
Purple Threat Pokémon

PC Analyzed VersionPokémon Purple Threat, in short, is the most direct and convincing answer to those who still ask: but the main chapter of the saga that manages to maintain its historical identity and overcome the achievements of Pokémon Fava and Pokémon Balls, is it possible? A new benchmark for the activities of the real CP2, a milestone in lore and a great test of Emdy’s inexhaustible flair, Purple Threat is the dream of every fan. Play it.