Polify, generates attractive backgrounds from a referential image

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Background images are a very important element of any project or graphic composition, because they provide context and body to what is displayed. This is something that we experience even as smartphone and computer users, where we also use backgrounds. In that sense, we want to present you an online service where you can easily create funds from your browser.

Its name is Polify and it is a tool capable of generating background images, taking a referential image as a starting point.

A service to create attractive funds

Background images can be of various styles, depending on what it will be used for. In that sense, we can have images in solid colors, combinations with gradients and also textures. However, the background needs to maintain the style and color palette of the overall project. Therefore, it is normal that we need a little help to meet the necessary requirements to create good funds and in that Polify can help us.

This online solution will allow you to create funds in a very easy way and in a short time, just by selecting or uploading a reference image. In addition, it should be noted that the service is completely free and you can use it without registration.

When you enter Polify, you are immediately greeted by the work area with the canva in the center of the screen and the options in a panel on the left side. The first thing you will see in this panel is the reference image that the system uses to generate the background image.

At the end of the panel you will find the options to change the image for one of the Polify catalog or upload your own from your computer. When you do this, the background will change based on the uploaded image. Then everything will be a matter of adjusting the controls that are displayed until you get the look you want.

At the end, you can download your image to incorporate it wherever you want. In addition, being a free service, you can repeat the process and create the amount of funds you want.

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