Powerpaste, the new fuel for hydrogen electric motorcycles

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Brian Adam
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For years we have been working so that in the nearest future as possible, the largest percentage of vehicles that circulate on the roads and cities of much of the world are electric. In our country, we can already see how certain electric vehicles are beginning to invade the streets of the main cities. These include buses, cars, motorcycles, bikes and even electric scooters. Perhaps of all of them, the most popular are electric motorcycles.

Precisely, for this segment today comes important information from the Fraunhofer Institute, since through a research project, they have discovered a fuel specially designed for hydrogen electric motorcycles. Interestingly, fuel is a solid magnesium hydride based paste that would provide a safe way to store and transport hydrogen to recharge this type of electric vehicle without the need for large investments to build a network of service stations.

More manageable than hydrogen and with high energy density

This pasta, which they have baptized with the name of Powerpaste, is a gray colored mass based on solid magnesium hydride that has ten times the energy density of a battery and could therefore be a great solution for hydrogen electric motorcycles.

Specifically, it allows the storage of this hydrogen source at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to later be released on demand by mixing the paste with water. In this way, it becomes an ideal power source for small electric vehicles such as electric motorcycles.

Much more fuel easy to handle and keep stable than hydrogen itself, since it allows easy handling and storage for later use. And it is that Powerpaste is a compact non-volatile mass capable of withstanding without decomposing up to 250 degrees and that therefore, it is easy to transport and store.

If to that we add that its energy density is ten times that of a lithium battery, makes it a great option for powering these types of vehicles. But that’s not all, since in addition, Powerpaste has another point in its favor, the ease of supply or refueling. Therefore, it does not require an expensive infrastructure for refueling, making it an ideal alternative to easily and quickly expand the network of service stations at the lowest possible cost.


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