Premiere series and movies on Amazon Prime Video in July 2020

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Prime Video, unlike the other platforms, is adding small exclusives little by little and the truth is that what happened with the Covid-19 should not have helped the summer bets to land when they should. Even so, for this month there are small pieces that are creating an increasingly varied catalogue, with classic fictions that you can see from start to finish thanks to the fact that they land with almost all of their seasons (or many of them).

It is the case of “Modern Family “, which will have ten of its eleven seasons available from this July on Prime Video. Or “Mad Men”, which you can see in its entirety to commemorate the old days of one of the fictions that have marked the serial panorama of the last 15 years. Does the above seem little to you? Well, there’s more: “Prison Break”, “Glee” and the legendary “X-Files”, in case you want to feel that 90s excitement around the paranormal, extraterrestrial and unknown phenomena of one of the reference series in history from TV.

But of all those series that make it to Prime Video, the one that touches us the most is “Relatos Con-fin-a-dos”, the one that we can consider as the first product derived from the coronavirus pandemic (not counting “En casa”, on HBO) and the months we spent in seclusion in our homes, which tells us five stories with some of the most important actors and directors on the Spanish scene: Luis Tosar, Carlos Bardem, Manuela Velasco, Sara Salam, etc. Each of its five chapters is directed by a name known from our cinema, such as Fernando Colomo, Álvaro Fernández Armero, Miguel Bardem, Diego Marqués and Juan Diego Botto. The truth is that there is a curiosity to see how they have solved the logical limitations

In the movies section, the arrival of “Gretel and Hansel”, which hit theatres at the beginning of the year and due to the coronavirus crisis, it had to reach digital platforms sooner than expected. Below you have the complete list of premieres:


1st of July

  • The Last Narc, season 1
  • Modern Family, seasons 1 to 10
  • Prison Break, season 1 to 5
  • Glee, seasons 1 to 6

3rd of July

  • Hanna, season 2
  • End-to-two stories
  • Mad Men, seasons 1 to 7

July 6th

  • Revenge, seasons 1 to 4

July 7th

  • X-file, seasons 1 to 11

July 10th

  • The pack, season 1

July 24

  • From life to the plate


July 5th

  • Mortal Engines

July 14

  • Megalodon

July 21

  • While you’re with me

July 24

  • Gretel and Hansel

28 of July

  • Time after
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