Prepare your mobile because Tesla has four wallpapers to give you

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Tesla is one of those companies that has overcome the barrier of mythomania in such a way that its customers are not so much for the products themselves, but also for that appleliana aura that surrounds him and that transforms a simple electric car into something more transcendent. Perhaps that is the side that comes from the success achieved in recent years and that has allowed him to become one of the most valuable car manufacturers in the world.

Hence, not only their cars are news, but also any other element that allows that Tesla way of life continues to grow without measure, around merchandising products that serve to proselytize the cause. So today we do not bring you a new vehicle, or a record of speed or electric range, but several wallpapers for your smartphones, courtesy of the Chinese branch of those of Elon Musk.

You can now download them

These four wallpapers have been published by Tesla’s Twitter account in China and are, in the words of the message itself where they are inserted, “energetic wallpapers” that will help you upload “your daily adventure”. Right here below you have them, in case you want to take a look at them and later download them to your devices.

If you want to install them on your smartphone, the process is very simple since you only have to access that tweet from your mobile and, one by one, save each fund desktop on iOS reel or Android gallery. Once you have them there, in the Apple part, you will have to go to the “Settings”, “Wallpaper” and choose any of the four that you have downloaded in the terminal. Finally, configure if you want it to appear on both the lock screen and the home screen and if it will have a depth effect.

In the case of Android, the process is very simple since from the home screen you just have to enter its customization menu and choose “Wallpaper”. There you look on your phone for the place where the images are stored and choose your favourite to add it. In the same way that happens in iOS, you can select whether you will use it on the home screen or on the lock screen, or both at the same time, and accept the changes to take effect. You already have your personalized smartphone to be a fan of Tesla.

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