Problems with Bluetooth in Windows 10? All solutions

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Although the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, is for the vast majority of users the most stable version, it is possible to encounter specific problems in the System eventually. Some of them are related to Bluetooth, and we may encounter difficulties when trying to connect to a device. In this case, we are going to show How to fix most Bluetooth problems in Windows 10.

There are many causes and problems that we can find in our team that have to do with Bluetooth or synchronization with other devices. For each issue in question, we will have to find the possible solution, however, first of all, it will be best to carry out certain necessary checks that can help us solve our problem or determine what is causing it and how we can solve it.

windows 10 bluetooth a2dp

Initial checks

If we are configuring a new device and Bluetooth does not appear, then we must check its specifications to make sure it has Bluetooth functionality. Similarly, we must check that the Bluetooth of our PC is activated too. In Windows 10, we can open the Configuration page and navigate to the option Devices> Bluetooth and other devices and check that the Bluetooth is correctly activated.

It is also convenient to check that the Bluetooth device is correctly activated, charged and that it finds within reach from our computer. If so, but our team does not detect it, we can test disable the device, wait a few seconds and activate it again to check if our System recognizes this.

Another of the checks to be carried out before anything else is the status of the Bluetooth on our PC. Specifically, these are the settings that we should review:

  • Aeroplane mode off Check that aeroplane mode is disabled from Settings> Network and Internet> Airplane mode.
  • Bluetooth: Try to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth from our PC from Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices> Bluetooth.
  • Delete the connected device and reconnect it: For this, we go to Settings> Devices, Bluetooth and other devices> Bluetooth, select the method with which we have problems connecting and click on the Remove device option. Then we try to connect to it again.

You have to run the Bluetooth troubleshooter. It is one of the first things we must do if we do not know very well what our real problem is. In this way, automatically and transparently for us, the solver itself will try to detect any question and put the corresponding solution.

To do this, all we have to do is open the system configuration page and navigate through the options. Update and security> Troubleshoot and launch the Bluetooth troubleshooter.

Last but not least, another of the necessary checks is to check installed drivers in the team. Any update to Windows 10 could have damaged the computer’s Bluetooth driver or had an outdated version of the driver. Therefore, it is recommended to check for automatic updates of the Bluetooth driver.

To do this, we open the Device Manager from the Win + X menu and then select the Bluetooth adapter to click on it with the right mouse button and choose the option Update Driver> Automatically Search for Updated Driver Software. We follow the steps and close to finish.

Then, we only have to restart the computer and check if the problems with Bluetooth in Windows 10 have been solved.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth issues in Windows 10

If, after carrying out this series of initial checks, we continue to have problems, these are the most common situations we may face and the steps to follow to solve them.

Bluetooth does not work, or the icon is missing.

In the case that the Bluetooth does not work or the icon itself is missing in the System, the problem may have occurred after installing any Windows 10 update, after an update to the latest version of the Microsoft operating system from a version above or because Bluetooth itself does not appear in Device Manager.

If we find any of these situations before, what we must do to try to solve it is:

  • Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter in Windows 10.
  • Uninstall the Bluetooth adapter from device manager and reinstall it.
  • If none of this fixes it, we can send the error in the System Feedback Center.

Problems with Bluetooth accessories

If we can correctly turn on the Bluetooth for we have problems when pairing a device, this is what we can try to solve it in each case:

  • Keyboard, mouse or pen:
    • If you ask us for a PIN to use the device, but we do not know what it is, then we must look it up in the documentation of the device itself or try the 0000 or 1234.
    • In the case that you request a PIN, but we do not see the place where we must enter it, we must try to write 0000 with the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter.
    • We can also try removing the device and pairing it again from Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices> Remove device.

windows 10 bluetooth

  • Audio:
    • If the problems arise when connecting a Bluetooth audio device, then we must ensure that the method is within reach of the PC and that the audio is being played through the Bluetooth device. To do this, from the configuration page we go to the System> Sound option and in Choose the output device we select the Bluetooth device.
    • If the device appears correctly paired, but we can’t hear the audio must make sure it is connected. We open the Configuration page and navigate to the Devices> Bluetooth and other devices option and within the Bluetooth section, select the device itself and click on Connect.
    • If we still do not solve the problem, we can try unpair and re-pair the device Bluetooth audio.
    • If the device is connected, but audio quality is not right, then we will have to make sure that the device is playing the audio. We open the Configuration> System> Sound page and in Choose the output device we choose the Bluetooth device.

sound windows 10

    • The problem persists, we can test mute everything anything that may be using the Bluetooth connection or check that the stereo mode of the selected device is. To do this, we click on the speaker icon in the system tray, unfold the tab and make sure that the Stereo option is selected. If this option is not available, we can try unlinking and pairing the device again and check if this option now appears.
    • Yes, Bluetooth volume controls don’t work After installing a system update, we must ensure that we have installed the latest updates available in Windows Update or manually disable the full volume function, for which we will have to make a change in the Windows 10 registry. To do this, we open a window of the command prompt with administrator permissions, and we run the command reg add HKLMSYSTEMControlSet001ControlBluetoothAudioAVRCPCT / v DisableAbsoluteVolume / t REG_DWORD / d 1 / f. Then we restart the computer for the changes to be effective.

  • Others:
    • If we have tried all of the above, but we have not been able to solve the problem, or it is another error, then we should contact the Windows 10 Feedback Center to send the question.