Purifier, clean the audio of your video calls from Mac

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2021 04 09 11 40 08.jpg

When we begin to familiarize ourselves with the daily use of video calls, needs also begin to arise. This has led us to know the scope and limitations of video calling services and mechanisms and therefore, to seek solutions. One of the most recurrent problems in calls is environmental noise. Therefore, we will present a way to improve the audio quality of your video calls on Mac.

To achieve this, we will rely on the use of an application called Purifier. Its function is to improve the quality of the transmission that we do, filtering the audio that we send and receive.

The way to improve the audio quality of your video calls

Environmental noise is something that we do not usually take into account when establishing a video call. Generally, microphones depending on their quality, tend to capture a wide spectrum of sounds that can interfere with the call. This can increase or decrease depending on the environmental conditions, which can sometimes be extreme. In that sense, if you need to make a call in a noisy place, Purifier can help you improve the audio quality.

This application is compatible with Mac, while the Windows version is still in the works. What Purifier does is function as a filter, in this way, it can improve the quality of the audio that we send from our microphone and that we receive from headphones or speakers.

To start it up, we just have to install it and select it as the default audio device in the video calling application that we use. This will cause all the sound to be processed by the application and then sent to the output devices. The application is capable of significantly reducing background noise, making communications clear and understandable.

If you need a way to improve the audio quality of your online calls, Purifier is an excellent option for Mac users.

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