Quick Sync Me, a service to transfer files with total security

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One of the tasks for which we have more tools available is file sharing. There are dozens of services that we can count on, in addition to mechanisms such as email or the Telegram cloud. However, today we will introduce you to one that is very easy to use and that will allow you to transfer files safely.

Its name is Quick Sync Me and it offers a mechanism to transfer files safely, based on rooms where we must bond with the recipient.

Looking to transfer files safely? This is the solution

Security is a fundamental factor to take into account when using a software solution. In the case of file sharing, it is important to prevent our data from remaining on servers that could be exposed. Likewise, there may be cases of interception of information by third parties and this raises the need to be prepared. In that sense, when it comes to transferring files, it is best to use a tool that allows you to do it safely.

This is where Quick Sync Me comes in, a file transfer service with a strong focus on security. Its mechanism is based on the creation of a room in which we must enter together with the recipient to send the file (s).

It should be noted that the use of this service does not require registration processes and that it is free. To begin, enter the website and click on the “Start Session” button. This will take you to a room, the link of which you must share with the recipient. Inside the room, you will have a space available to drag and drop the files you want to share.

Those who are connected will be able to see the files you upload and will have the possibility to download them. Likewise, it is necessary to highlight that the session of the room will remain active, as long as you do not close the window.

The room connection is protected by end-to-end encryption, which will prevent any security breach. Quick Sync Me is an excellent tool for transferring files without worrying about security.

To prove it, follow this link.


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