R6 Siege: Steel Wave operation with Ace and Melusi, the review

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We have long tried the second season of Ranbow Six Siege’s Year 5: Operation Steel Wave: that’s how it went.

R6 Siege review: Steel Wave operation with Ace and Melusi, the review

Steel Wave operation it’s finally live after a longer test period than usual. Finally, after a long wait, all players were able to enjoy the new content created by the guys from Ubisoft Montreal. Operation Steel Wave is not, however, an expansion like any other. In fact, it represents the latest content linked to the old course of the Ubisoft tactical shooter. At the end of the canonical months dedicated to the contents of which we will talk shortly, therefore, it will officially open a new Era for Rainbow Six Siege, as we saw from the three-year road map unveiled at the Six Invitational last February.

The future

From the third season, things will change significantly. From now on, for example, there will no longer be two operators, but only one. Therefore, the third and fourth seasons will see, respectively, an operator whose nationality is currently “classified” and a Thai fighter.

The restructuring of some maps on which it was necessary to intervene will also come, such as Skyscraper and Chalet. Also, again during Year 5, he will finally have the complete rework of Lord Tachanka.

For Year 6, however, the work of the developers will aim to achieve three main objectives: each season will be inaugurated by a Battle Pass and a new operator, together with an unpublished map or a rework. Finally, the Arcade scenario list will update more frequently.

Let’s focus now on what players can still benefit from two unpublished operators and the rework of an iconic map that has long needed a renovation. Not only that: Operation Steel Wave pours into the title a large number of improvements and adjustments that should represent the new foundations on which to build the Rainbow Six of the future.

The present: Ace and Melusi

As usual, therefore, the new Operation presents us first of all with two unpublished operators (as usual, an attacker and a defender): Ace and Melusi, slightly modified compared to our previous test. The first is a Norwegian striker and yet another member of Nighthaven, the private security company founded and directed by Jaimini Kalimohan Shah (Kali, for friends). A colleague of the same and of Wamai, the fighter of the cold north makes his entrance into the roster with two strong speed and two armour points, which make him a versatile soldier, suitable for most situations.

To distinguish it from the crowd and to frame it in the “hard breather” think about the gadget it has, as always developed by the R&D department directed by the Spanish Mira. The new gadget, called S.E.L.M.A., is nothing more than an “intelligent” burst charge: this can be launched on any surface, on which it clings firmly.

The device triggers a small detonation that does not deal much damage but is able, after a few moments, to produce an opening in the wall on which it was launched. After the first explosion, S.E.L.M.A. it descends vertically, exploding two more times, and creating an opening large enough to be crossed or climbed over. On reinforced hatches, however, the device, not enjoying the force of gravity, is not as effective: two will be needed to open the verticality of the action. Being a high-tech explosive, it can easily fall prey not only to the lead of the defenders but also to some of their utilities.

Bandit and Kaid, for example, thanks to their electricity-based devices and more. Mute can use his own jammer to block the trigger and the charge routine. In the latter case, if the jammer is destroyed, the sequence of explosions would restart without problems. Furthermore, even the devices of Wamai and Jager can destroy the device, being a “throwing” gadget and, therefore, susceptible to interception.

Lastly, the new operator cannot show off unprecedented mouths in terms of loadout. Ace can choose from an AK12, already in use in Fuze, and a shotgun M1014, the same as Thermite, Castle and Pulse. As a side weapon, however, the fighter carries a traditional one M9 and can count on two utilities such as smoke and burst charge. Across the barricade is the South African Melusi. Raised in symbiosis with nature, the operator specializes in the fight against poaching.

Melusi is presented to the public with three-speed points and one armour: characteristics that adapt more to the role of roamer but can be exploited as an anchor, thanks to the supplied gadget called Banshee. The device allows you to master the mechanics of crowd control and gathering information on the positioning of the enemy.

The gadget, in fact, progressively slows down the enemies as they get closer to the source of the disturbance. Also, when activated, the device begins to emit a cavernous, pounding sound that can alert the defending team by allowing the team to pick up exactly the direction from which the enemy is coming. Compared to the test phase, the penalty area has been significantly reduced, as has the volume of the sound effect.

The Banshee, however, is bulletproof, and this means that attackers can only remove it by adopting two very risky solutions: using explosives or with an assault on the white weapon. As for the operator’s loadout, she will have one SMG T5SMG (that of Lesion, so to speak) and a shotgun, the Super 90.

As a side weapon there is RG15 supplied to the Polish GROM (of the sisters Ela and Zofia) while, as a utility, Melusi can put impact grenades and a pack of C4 in her backpack. In the previous test, the South African could have been equipped with a portable shield but the development team decided to remove it to avoid “excessive pressure on the attackers’ resources”.

Being still the first days of activity of the new operators, it is not yet clear which future awaits them. They will find a place in the competitive goal? In all likelihood, yes, because Ace and Melusi, unlike other fighters, can count on less eclectic gadgets and – above all – definitely more useful for the team from a strategic point of view. The attacker does not need big interactions while, as far as Melusi is concerned, good communication with the other team members will also be necessary to bring out the best in the Banshee.

Useful utility …

Operation Steel Wave sees the introduction of a new utility: the proximity alarm. As with Banshee, the proximity alarm is very useful for crowd control. The development team is developing the balance of the MMR: the ranking will be unified for all regions. Furthermore, to access the ranked matches you must now reach level 50, so new players can arrive well prepared to jump into the ruthless competitive field. Regarding the Champion rank, however, you will have to have one VM equal to 5,000 and played at least 100 ranked games during the season. Some improvements have also been introduced to the guides of the scenario lists and, as regards Amaru, the “mini rework” can be said to be complete.

The animation related to the use of the skill and the timing of the execution has been revised: the Amaru grappling hook has always been too predictable for the defenders, who could hear the operator approaching on short notice. The goal that the development team set itself was to make the operator’s action more unpredictable. The barricade is no longer destroyed at the beginning when the gadget attaches to the latter, but only when Amaru crosses it, giving opponents less time to prepare a defence.

Other operators have received changes. Yingfor example, it has undergone a decrease in the number of lumens supplied, from 4 to 3, following the changes made some time ago. The damage suffered by Oryx when he decides to go for the breakthrough has been decreased (from 10 to 5 health points) and the adrenaline rush of Finka puts the felled comrades back on their feet with 50 health points.

God bless this mess

Operation Steel Wave does not introduce any new map but, as we have already anticipated, on the other hand, it delights us with a well-made rework for a historical, founding and essential location (despite the previous plan showing a level of expertise that was not there in 2015). We are obviously talking about Home, the map with which we have learned about the title since it was officially unveiled to the public.

The development team has upset and expanded the pre-existing structure of the pleasant provincial house. The planimetric dimensions were doubled and it was improved aesthetics and environmental destructibility. Four new rooms on the south side have been added, a new corridor on the ground floor an additional bomb site, an unprecedented staircase and a completely renovated entrance path.

The large main door is now locked and inaccessible, while the garage has been reduced: the size of the entrance gate has in fact been halved: there is only one door from which to breach.

The hatches have been moved and there are new destructible walls and floors, in order to improve the creation of shooting lines and favour a verticality that at the beginning did not exist. Finally, the gym and garage sites have been moved, now located in the bedrooms (the children’s and the master ones). We played it for a long time and we have to say that the Canadian team has hit the mark. While remaining a non-competitive map, the new company highlights the experience accumulated by the developers over the years. It almost seems like a “modern” location. Fun and easy to read. Well done.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Analyzed Version Xbox OneOperation Steel Wave has now been live for a few days with the usual load of news. The last ones, before the new course is inaugurated with the fateful Season 3. Melusi and Ace have proved to be (more than) good additions; certainly better than some colleagues from the recent past. Their gadgets have yet to find space in the team composition but we are sure that both the defending Banshee and the S.E.L.M.A. in attack they can start playing a decidedly important role (also in the competitive one) in the near future. The Amaru mini-rework, the introduction of a new utility (the proximity alarm) and, above all, the arrival of the new house is only icing placed on a cake that Ubisoft Montreal will continue to glaze in the coming weeks with interventions on the quality of life of the players, on the balance and, in general, on the health of the title. Meanwhile, the recent overloads of European servers seem to have been fixed and the situation has returned to normal.

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