RA is “critically” important, says Tim Cook

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We start the first week of April, a new month is coming and it is surely loaded with several surprises of what we will have in the future, for this reason, this time we tell you how Tim Cook mentions that AR (Augmented Reality) is “critically” important to Apple’s future, To continue; the details.

Apple’s mixed reality glasses could debut in 2022

We start this note with the interview with Tim Cook on journalist Kara Swisher’s Sway podcast earlier today, during the interview, Apple CEO commented on his admiration for Tesla and his leadership in electric vehicles, in another question he also pointed out that he “probably” will not be at Apple in 10 years.

Nevertheless, the topic that shone in the interview it was Tim Cook’s way of talking about augmented reality and its important role in the future of the Bitten Apple company.

In the interview, Tim Cook comments: “In terms of augmented reality, the promise of augmented reality is that you and me are having a great conversation right now. It could be said that it could be even better if we could increase our discussion with graphics or other things to appear ”, highlighting the possibilities that this technology will have.

Furthermore, he comments, “I think your audience would also benefit from this. And so when I think about it in different fields, be it health, education, gaming, retail, I’m already seeing augmented reality take off in some of these areas ”making it clear that he already has ideas on how to enhance and exploit the possibilities of AR (Augmented Reality).

Although in the interview, the CEO of Apple does not talk about future products, it is clear that he has been mentioning AR quite frequently in public appearances. Swisher asked about the quote from “shine and behold” listed in the WWDC 2021 invitation, however, Cook declined to explain if that had any underlying meaning.

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