Rafita Balderrama and the cruel phrase that made him feel marked by obesity: “I felt that a dagger was burying me”

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The presenter Rafael Balderrama, known as Raffite, has lived a dizzying struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy body. And it is that after having weighed almost 180 kilos, thanks to an arduous regime and an operation he was able to weigh 65 kilos, however and after the positive results, he developed a state of vigorexia that also harmed him. The Chihuahua-born driver revealed in an interview for the show In their battles how it was that it got to stabilize in its weight.

Known primarily for his years working alongside Omar Chaparro on the show Black and white and later in Really, Rafita managed to lose 90 kilos, a goal that he built in his mind at age 18 when, fulfilling his military service, he was humiliated by a general:

“Start pointing out, you, you and you, are useless to the country”, The soldier said to Rafita when he saw his obesity: “I told him, no sir, I feel fit to do my military service and he starts making fun of me, he says’ let’s see, guys, the soldier says he wants to do his military service Just what the man does not know is that either he gets on the helicopter or 20 of you get on … every time I said something I felt like I was burying a dagger. And that was the point where I said ‘But someday I’m going to be skinny.’

The driver managed to get a place on television thanks to the sympathy generated by his obesity (Photo: Instagram @rafabalderrama)

But it was not until years later, when the driver managed to enter television making overweight his ally and comic vis, and together with Omar Chaparro and Perico Padilla they achieved great popularity on the channel Telehit, achieving projection in Mexico and all of Latin America. In 2005 the presenter was chosen to participate in Big brother where his obesity put his life at risk: “We did a test, they hang us from some harnesses and the challenge was to untangle ourselves in the shortest possible time (…) when we got off I took off the harness, when I straightened up I felt a drill that entered my lower back completely

And it is that due to his overweight, his sciatic nerve had been pressed by two vertebrae, which led him to undergo an expensive treatment for several years and that set the alarm for the presenter to make an effort to lose weight, because At the age of 27, his morbid obesity put his life to the limit, forcing him to undergo an operation bypass.

“I already had my first child and I said ‘this boy is going to grow up’, he is going to want to play soccer, ride a bicycle and at 27 years old I am already marked by obesity, disabled by obesity, I said: it’s time to make drastic decisions ”, it was so that he underwent the stomach reduction operation that aims to inhibit hunger.

He is currently part of the TV Azteca team of conductors (Photo: Instagram @rafabalderrama)

He had already been on diets since childhood. I already knew that mine had to be radical ”. Weighing 179 kilos, he underwent the operation and for the next 9 months the driver learned a new feeding process to reduce 69 kilos, losing a total of 110.

“My breakfast was a chamomile tea, in the middle of the morning it was a smoothie, my main meal was a boiled pumpkin, a boiled carrot, but I didn’t eat the pumpkin, I just drank the little water”

The funny thing was that I wasn’t hungry, I ate that and it was as if I had eaten a buffet breakfast. After that liquid diet we went on to a diet of pap, as a baby, until I reached the soft diet (…) Three fingers of fish or chicken, rice dishes very retired, and despair took hold of me ”.

The driver exercises regularly with his children (Photo: Instagram @rafabalderrama)

And it is that Raffite the doctor told him “We left you with a stomach the size of a newborn (…) The first month I lost 32 kilos, the following month 22 … I did it in 8 and a half months, I applied myself so much, it gave me despair and I grabbed gum and chewed it because I was very anxious, I grabbed ice chips and chewed it and that’s what helped me control my anxiety ”.

With a complicated process that even led him to become obsessed with exercise to such a degree that he had to be admitted to the hospital due to a physical decompensation, the driver managed to stabilize and find a healthy balance in his life and diet.

Having achieved your goal, the driver missed opportunities on television where he had earned a spot backed by his obesity, however and over time he managed to resume his career and currently leads the program Grouper heart for Aztec TV.


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