Razer Wolverine V2 Review: A good pad for PC and Xbox

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The Wolverine V2 is a pad that does not make you regret the Xbox controller, thanks to the excellent grip and the presence of mechanical keys.

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Razer Wolverine V2 Review Review: A good pad for PC and Xbox

The official Xbox and Playstation controllers are the most used in the world. The reasons are different, ranging from excellent ergonomics to full compatibility with the aforementioned systems, without forgetting that both can be used on a PC. Also price is a very important factor when choosing a controller, because high figures must match features and functionalities that can bring something more than the proposals of Sony and Microsoft.
Razer tried, with the Wolverine V2, to create a viable alternative, with full support for Xbox and PC, thanks to superior build quality and the use of materials that improve grip. We can say that the American company has succeeded in its intent, however the selling price of this Wolverine V2 exceeds the cost of its competitors excessively, thus penalizing a product with good potential.

Excellent grip

Razer has always stood out for the care taken in the creation of its products and this Wolverine V2 is, at least in part, the confirmation. The sales pack does not offer particular food for thought, inside there is only the pad and a small instruction manual. The first contact with the controller is very positive, especially for the rubberized material used in the areas where the grip of the hands is concentrated. This is made with a particular texture that gives additional grip to the peripheral. In the hands the Razer pad always remains firm and compared to the previous model the improvement is immediately noticeable, thanks to a less rounded shape. The placement of the buttons echoes that seen on the Xbox pad, with two analog sticks, a directional pad and four buttons positioned in the same way on the front.

The “Menu” and “View” buttons have instead been moved higher and in addition to these we find two other customizable buttons next to the directional cross. The dorsal area is also similar to that seen in the Xbox controller, but adds two more buttons and allows you to adjust the travel of the triggers through two simple selectors. There is also the 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones.
On a general level, the quality of the materials is fluctuating, the rubber on the grip of the pad is really great as we have said, even the plastic of the triggers and of the front part is excellent, the one used in the front area is instead of lower quality and even the cable does not convey that feeling of solidity that is expected. Cable which unfortunately is not even replaceable, in case of breakage it cannot therefore be changed: from a peripheral with an official cost of € 119.99 more is expected, a removable cloth cable would have greatly increased the general perception of quality.

Software and user experience

In the last period we tried another Razer peripheral designed for both Xbox and PC, in fact we reviewed the Kaira Pro headphones. Already in this case we had not appreciated theincompatibility with Razer Synapse software, which unites all the peripherals of the PC world of the green house, in favor of a dedicated application to be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Also this time we are faced with the same problem, to configure the pad you need to download an additional app. Our setup on the PC includes a Blackwidow Elite keyboard and a DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse, both managed with the excellent Razer Synapse software, which unfortunately cannot be used with the Wolverine V2: in a hypothetical configuration like ours, to add Kaira Pro headphones and pad, three different software would be needed to manage it all. Razer in this respect should simplify, not complicate the life of PC gamers, by integrating these peripherals into the Synapse ecosystem, even without support for Chroma technology, but a common hub is needed for their management.

In short, it is true that the Wolverine V2 is designed for Xbox, but a little more attention for the PC world would not hurt, given the “Windows 10” logo in plain sight on the official product page.
On the software front, at least on PC, this Wolverine does not fully convince, fortunately during the game it turned out to be a comfortable pad to use and with a feature that makes it different from the Xbox controller, that is the mechanical switches, present in the front buttons and in the directional cross.

Each actuation is accompanied by a “click” that is heard, this technology also allows for faster command reception, thanks to the actuation distance of only 0.65 mm (35% less than membrane controllers, according to Razer ).
In terms of ergonomics, we found ourselves well with the Razer’s controller, despite slightly larger dimensions than the Xbox pad, with the addition of a more responsive and pleasant key feedback to feel under the fingers. From this point of view Razer has done a great job, which goes to balance the not exactly positive experience on the software front.

Razer Wolverine V2
The Wolverine V2 is a controller that does not make you regret the official one from Microsoft, without revolutionizing the user experience. The rubberized material is really pleasant to the touch and offers an excellent grip, moreover the additional buttons and the possibility to adjust the excursion of the triggers are interesting features. The user experience on PC is penalized by a software that is not up to par, just think that to customize the commands it is not possible to even use the mouse, the application must be managed entirely with the pad, on Xbox instead this problem does not exist , earning a few more points to the Razer’s pad. The Wolverine V2’s biggest sore point however remains the price, too high for a wired pad.

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