RBD reunion: this is the millionaire figure that the virtual concert “Ser o Parecer” would have raised

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On December 26, fans around the world were able to enjoy their reunion on the stages of the famous Mexican band RBD.

After 12 years apart, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher Von Uckermann they joined their voices in “Ser o Parecer”, a concert that despite being transmitted by streaming due to the pandemic, and the absence of Dulce María and Poncho Herrera, was a success, as shown by the millionaire figure it raised.

This Sunday, January 10, the show host Martha Figueroa revealed on the show Excuse me, of Unicable, “The fortune” that gathered the digital event.

“The official figures for this concert was that around 320 thousand fans from 20 countries around the world were connected, make the account of Mexico, the US, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Romania, and Japan “, the Peruvian presenter began.

“The sale of streaming generated more or less like USD 11 million 250 thousand dollars [poco más de 224 millones de pesos] I mean, a fortune. I think that for a concert in streaming and of Latin singers it is a fortune, ”he stressed.

Both Figueroa and Pepillo Ortega showed their surprise at the scandalous data, and The Mexican driver confessed that he did not expect Anahí to participate, but in her opinion, she was the most dedicated on stage.

“How beautiful is Anahí, right? Notice that I thought that the one who was not going to participate would be Anahí, but it was the most enthusiastic of all. I said no well after being the first lady, and Mom, I said … no longer … And look, “he said.

Although “Ser o Parecer” reported great benefits, some viewers complained about the choreography, and said that the artists did not dance with attitude. In addition, others criticized the choice of virtual stages that were projected on the background screen, or lamented the quality of the video and that the concert lasted only 20 minutes.

In this regard, Martha Figueroa defended the former RBDs, and said that after 12 years, they couldn’t demand the same energy from them that they gave when they were teenagers.

When the pandemic ends, three concerts could be held in different countries (Photo: EFE / Mario Guzmán / File)

Beyond the critical comments, thousands of fans are waiting for the former RBDs to meet again at a new concert, and their wishes may come true. According to the entertainment journalist, the band plans to hold three mass events when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

The first function would take place in Madrid, Spain, at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The second would take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the Maracana Stadium. And the third and last would be held in Mexico City, although the venue would be to be confirmed and it would be predictably the Azteca Stadium, or the Arena.

Although by then Dulce María could join this series of functions, since in recent months she has regretted on several occasions having missed the reunion “Ser o Parecer” because of her advanced pregnancy, seeing the six together again is less likely , due to Poncho Herrera’s refusal to get on stage and return to music.

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