Realme 7i, analysis: almost ‘nuclear’ autonomy in a very economical mobile

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Realme 7i, analysis: almost 'nuclear' autonomy in a very economical mobile

The Realme 7i is the latest mobile to land in the large catalog of the Chinese manufacturer, it is also one of the cheapest. With an eye on the quality / price ratio, Realme achieves a phone that excels in many ways. And not only metaphorically, that the Realme 7i is great as it alone.

The Realme 7 family is completed with the most accessible model of all, the Realme 7i. Given its characteristics, the protagonist of our analysis promises to offer a pleasant smartphone experience for very little money. Will it succeed? Touch analyze it to find out: the Realme 7i gives a lot of itself for what it costs.

Realme 7i Datasheet

Realme 7i


6.5 inch LCD
HD + at 720 x 1,600


MediaTek Helio G85


4/64 GB
Expansion by SD

Frontal camera

8 megapixels f / 2.0

Rear cameras

48 megapixels f / 1.8
8 megapixel f / 2.3 wide angle
2 megapixel macro f / 2.4
1080p @ 60fps video
HD video @ 120fps


6,000 mAh
Dart fast charging at 18 W


Android 10
Really UI


Dual 4G
WiFi 5
Bluetooth 5.0
Headphone jack
USB type C

Dimensions and weight

164.5 x 75.9 x 9.8 mm
208 grams


Rear fingerprint reader


159 euros

Heavy, thick and generously sized

Realme 7i The plastic on the back face has a slight linear engraving that makes it much easier to grip

We will not surprise anyone if we say that the Realme 7i is big and heavy, both characteristics are almost a constant in smartphones. Even so, our protagonist accuses its general dimensions: something uncomfortable can be done to the hand if used during long gaming sessions, for example. It is built in plastic with the exception of the screen, said plastic is not seen of poor quality (the back does give off a certain ‘cheap’ feeling), it does not slip at all and offers the buttons at the right height of the fingers.

Realme keeps the USB C and the headphone jack in the low part, move the fingerprint reader to the back face (capacitive and responsive), includes a triple tray to use two SIMs and SD at the same time and maintains a good use of the front thanks to the cutout in the shape of a drop of water for the front camera. The brand assures that the utilization ratio is 88.7%.

Realme 7i

The screen is in line with the price: generous dimensions, IPS LCD panel with correct viewing angles, Realme maintains the balance of color and temperature (The settings offer a certain level of customization), the tactile response is up to par and, by default, it is necessary to highlight the HD + resolution. It is the price to pay for the accessible category of the Realme 7i; without appreciating excessive loss of sharpness: on a day-to-day basis we have not encountered any major inconvenience. If we run into a lack of maximum brightness: very fair outdoors.

Realme 7i

Gone are the times when cheap mobiles sounded bad: the Realme 7i offers great audio quality for the range to which it belongs. With headphones it is most appreciated, especially with cable: apart from having the always welcome 3.5 mm jack, the phone offers audio enhancements (real HD Sound) that enhance listening by enhancing nuances. The sound is balanced, it has just enough bass reinforcement and a lot of volume. As well external speaker has high volumeAlthough the quality leaves more to be desired: distortion at high levels is annoying.

Good performance, even in games with high graphic load

Realme 7i Genshin Impact works great on the Realme 7i

Being a more or less cheap mobile is not synonymous with its power being low: the Realme 7i can handle all current games. Even at medium quality in titles like Genshin Impact or PUBG: the response is immediate, we have not seen excessive delay in the jump between applications (yes, you can see some ‘lag’ when the mobile is very busy) and does not heat up or play intensively. It doesn’t offer high-end performance, but it goes more than enough for the cost of the phone.

As usual, we have carried out some performance or benchmark tests. Here are the results:

Realme 7i From left to right: Geekbench 5, 3D Mark and PCMark Work

There are no big surprises when it comes to software: Realme UI as a custom layer (1.0), Android 10 as an operating system version, October 2020 security patch (somewhat outdated), and a slight amount of bloatware that can be mostly uninstalled (Facebook, WPS Office …). The appearance of the layer bears a certain resemblance to Android ‘stock’ despite the fact that Realme reloads functions: the amount of added options is enormous and it is not necessary to install apps for the most basic functions. The Realme 7i has its own gallery, video player, music player, games area and even file manager. It comes complete, for the good and for the not so good.

Although the general experience is positive, always within an ‘accessible range’, there is an element where the Realme 7i exerts a power beyond any doubt: autonomy. The hardware does not consume excessively, the expense with the screen off is minimal and the autonomy is gigantic: its 6,000 mAh battery lasts for more than three days of moderate use without the slightest fear of having to go through the plug.

Realme 7i

The graphs above correspond to a load with intensive use, the Realme 7i is inexhaustible even squeezing its power. Of course, the load suffers with respect to his superior brothers: our protagonist is limited to a fast charge of 18 W. With the following times:

  • 5 minute charge: 5% battery.
  • 10 minute charge: 9% battery.
  • 20 minute charge: 18% battery.
  • 30 minute charge: 27% battery.
  • 50 minute charge: 42% battery.
  • Total: 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Photography without fanfare, in line with the mobile category

Realme 7i

One of the most delicate moments arrives: multimedia capture. A priori we could not expect splendid results since the cost of the phone is what it is. Even so, the Realme 7i does not take bad photos in general terms, even when you have to face the gloom. Nighttime performance plummets, of course, but night mode can save more than one shot. At the cost of drastic loss of detail and some saturation.

The 48 megapixel main camera offers shots with sufficient detail in abundant light conditions. Auto HDR doesn’t have bad dynamic range and colors are natural. In contrast, the included wide angle (8 megapixels) does not offer such good results: during the day he has some difficulties in getting shots with enough detail; at night it is better not to use it. And as for the macro camera … well, it’s more of a filler than anything else.

Realme 7i

The Realme 7i’s camera app remains at a good level. Offers fast shots with sufficiently fast processing, includes portrait mode and night mode, AI is capable of recognizing scenes, common photographic parameters can be adjusted and a large number of beauty filters are also included. Video recording is not difficult: the shots are of sufficient quality without being penalized excessively if the light environment is abundant. The Realme 7i records at a maximum of 1080p and 60fps.

Realme 7i

By day, and with the main sensor, the Realme 7i gets a more than decent level of detail. The dynamic range is good, the colors remain natural and the zoom does not suffer excessively, always taking into account the category of the hardware.

Realme 7i

The photo was taken in very low light conditions and on automatic. Despite the difficulties, the Realme 7i got a decent quality shot with accurate colors. With a little zoom you can see the logical watercolors and noise, the result of having raised the ISO to 6,400.

Realme 7i

Portrait mode with the rear camera of the Realme 7i. The processing detects the edges well even though it does not apply the blur evenly. Enough detail even despite difficult backlighting.

Realme 7i

The front camera usually has certain difficulties with lighting. The detail is not too high, it does trim the edges well enough when applying the bokeh.

Below you have the gallery of photos taken with the Realme 7i.

Realme 7i, the opinion of Xataka

Realme 7i

Affordable range price, mid-range balance and autonomy that we all wish in the most ‘premium’ mobiles: the Realme 7i has everything to convince those who need a good phone on the 150 euro line. It’s big and heavy, it’s the downside of having 6,000 mAh battery, but it doesn’t look cheap, not even when playing multimedia content; be it games like movies or music. It is not a mobile that flies, as is logical. Yes is more than capable at all times (with its specific slowdowns).

Realme 7i

It is a very balanced mobile that penalizes slightly on the screen (the FHD + resolution should be standard in this range), which lacks NFCIt is surprising that it does not include FM radio and it does not offer a fully satisfactory photographic experience. Inconveniences that we could consider as logical in the range to which the Realme 7i belongs without thereby ceasing to be penalized. In addition, our protagonist slightly penalizes not evolve too much with the previous model, the Realme 6i.

The Realme 7i is a phone that offers what anyone needs for 149 euros. Even more: despite the shortcomings, the balance remains at a high level

The Realme 7i is a good mobile to recommend for the 159 euros that is officially worth (or 149 euros reduced). The problem is that the price range has too much competition with discounted mobiles: given the constant reviews of the catalog, it is more advantageous to buy a mid-range mobile of the previous generation (and with better features) than betting on a cheap mobile like the Realme 7i. Still, it’s a good buy.



In favor

  • What to say about autonomy: the Realme 7i is ‘nuclear’.
  • Great sound for the price.
  • Game performance is at a very good level.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • Without NFC.
  • Improved photographic performance.

The terminal has been released for analysis by Realme. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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