Reels adds new features that match what you can do on TikTok

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When last August Donald Trump signed the famous executive order by which he came to veto the presence of TikTok in North American territory as of September, Many saw the open sky to try to keep their space and its users. And Facebook, which does not miss one, launched within hours its alternative to the Chinese social network, as a section within Instagram.

The truth is that at first many users did not give too much importance to Reels because it was taken for granted that TikTok would reach an agreement that would allow it to continue in the iOS and Android application stores, but As the weeks go by, Facebook’s commitment to these microvideos is more and more determined with updates that enrich your user experience.

New audio features

One of the great virtues of TikTok and, now, Reels, is the possibility of using audio clips on which to record the image. Sure that you will all have seen those dubbing of famous movie phrases, or hit songs, so it was in this field where those of Instagram had to do a little more. And said and done, there are three relevant news for all those who create content with their mobiles.

New Reels features Save Audio → save sounds to create with whenever you want‍♀️ Share Audio Pages → share all the Reels that use a specific piece of audio over DMAudio Browser → search through new sections like For You and Trending

The first is the update of a new audio browser that highlights all the musical themes that are trending at that time. Besides, also will offer us some personalized recommendations, which will have to do with what Instagram and Reels have detected that we like. It is not a question of wearing flamenco when what has always thrown us is pop, or rock, or dance. Finally, another novelty is what Reels defines as sharing audio pages through direct messages, which makes it easier for friends and users to circulate more resources that can be used later in the videos that are created. And if that wasn’t enough, too we can save audios to create reels with them whenever we want.

As we tell you, You can see that Instagram has understood that to compete with TikTok it can only do so by offering better functions and more agile, without modifying too much the way of doing them since we could consider both the interface and the usability of the Chinese app almost as a standard, which have become the reference. Hence these three additions and, above all, the general polish that is perceived in terms of the speed and response of Reels when it comes to allowing us to upload content to their pages.