Report reveals Signal software is not entirely open source

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In recent months, Signal’s popularity has increased, in part because it bases its software on open source and is sold as a fairly secure platform. However, a report has revealed otherwise.

According to the German magazine Golem, Signal had not updated “The Github repository for your server for almost a year.” An alarming situation since open source applications tend to publish their code on a regular basis. This is so that developers detect any vulnerability and drive their growth.

A sea of ​​complaints

The word "complaints" written on a sheet
Image from ContextoMediaGroup.com

But why would Signal stop updating its repository? Possibly, it is the question that many members of the free software community asked themselves. In fact, they flooded the platform’s repository with a sea of ​​complaints, requesting an explanation.

It seems that the complaints of the developers were heard, well, Signal has just launched a new version of your application, whose code you have shared on Github. This update comes almost a year after having published its last code in this application portal. Why did it take so long? We certainly do not know and the company has not commented on it.

Lack of transparency

Although Signal had not updated its repository for more than 11 months, it is still a fairly secure application. Messages are end-to-end encrypted and conversations are stored locally. This is not contested, what really bothers members of the open source community is the lack of transparency.

The word truth in capital letters and the word lies under a magnifying glass

Thus, it is clear that the problem is not privacy, but presenting itself as an open source platform when it is not entirely true. “Using Signal is safe and even if a malicious server was used, your messages would be safe. This discussion is not necessarily about the security / privacy that Signal offers, but about the fact that Signal advertises its server as open source when it is not, ”wrote one of the developers on the forum.

Payments between users

Interface of the new Signal payments feature

As we already discussed, Signal has released a new update. It is a function that allows you to make payments between users. These transactions are carried out through the cryptocurrency that uses the MobileCoin payment protocol, known as MOB.

For now this feature is only available in the UK, but it leaves us with one question, was this the reason that led Signal not to update its repository on Github for so long?

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