Robot toys began painting on canvas

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An expert from the Georgia Institute has successfully experimented with toy robot painting. Photo: NewScientist

Georgia: Artists of abstract art create art by blindly scattering colors on their canvas. Now a female scientist has used a small robot to create paintings on canvas. Interestingly, these robots can be controlled by the artist to create the design of his choice.

Maria Santos of the Georgia Institute of Technology has created a system that can be used by other artists. In this, the robot is operated by selecting the area of ​​the canvas through the computer. Each robot can be painted the color of your choice. As the robot moves forward, so do the colors on the canvas. This way 12 robots can create artwork very quickly.

Maria Santos says that with this invention we have enhanced the artist’s plate of colors. Together, more than one robot enhances the ability of a human artist. This way great creations can be made with robots and computers.

No robots are painted, but they are filled with three basic colors, including blue, yellow and purple. Matching them can create more shades and colors. According to Maria, the three robots can work very well in the country and the colors are not lost. In the process, one robot stays in touch with the other.

This system is not assigned to the robot, but the choice of colors, intensity and design is chosen by the artist himself. In this way, the artist can determine the path of the robot. In this way, whatever happens in the artist’s mind, the robot works on it and the artwork can be created as desired.

The hardest part of the process was filling the robot with paint. But drying liquid paint quickly was another big challenge. These robots move on wheels, and the entire canvas can get dirty if the paint doesn’t dry. One solution was to drop paint from small drones. However, some special changes have been made to the robot.

The video shows how robots slowly build their designs and each robot has a brush that scatter colors on the canvas.

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