Room Café, make video calls and create shared boards for free

2021 04 09 11 19 26.jpg
2021 04 09 11 19 26.jpg

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the modalities of face-to-face work were compromised and with it, the communication processes. However, video calls became a great alternative to keep in touch with the team. In that sense, we want to present you an option where you can make video calls, create boards and send messages.

Its name is Room Café and it is a completely free service where you can communicate in seconds.

Free video calls, share boards and messages

Although video calls came as the great solution, along the way we began to see some shortcomings and to recognize needs. From this, dozens of options have been born that offer everything we may need during a videoconference session. Each of the many alternatives available today have their own peculiarities, so we will have to know them to know which one best suits our needs. However, the service offered by Room Café is highly recommended because it offers video calls, messages and shared boards.

The service offered by Room Café is completely free and to start using it, we must register. Despite this, this step is really quick and it will be enough to enter the email and the name that we will use to identify ourselves in the room.

Once inside, you will see that the interface is very friendly, made up of the central area, where you will see your camera and that of the guests. Around this we have two panels, a top one with options to invite people, display the chat and share the screen. For its part, the side panel offers tools to work on the shared board or whiteboard. In this way, you can launch strokes using pencils and shapes, with the possibility of adding text.

In this way, you can establish sessions with the number of people you want and communicate for free, unlimited and very fast through Room Café.

To prove it, follow this link.