Russia gives Twitter a month-long ultimatum before lockdown

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Russia block Twitter within a month if the US social network does not comply with what is requested in a lawsuit filed by the Roskomnadzor, the communications regulator in the country, dependent on the government, which has asked the company to eliminate a list of banned content.

The Russian government has asked Twitter to remove allegedly illegal content

Twitter has not commented on the ultimatum given by the Russian government, although the company had already indicated when the first request occurred that it was concerned about freedom of expression in the country and that the content that the Russian authorities consider as illegal is not such , since Twitter assures that it has no place on the platform.

Given the refusal of Twitter to remove the requested content, Vadim Subbotin, deputy director of the Roskomnadzor, has indicated that, if there is no change, the social network will be blocked by court order in the country within a month. At present, its operations are already being slowed down as a result of “disobedience” to the Kremlin’s requests.

In a statement sent to the main Russian communication agencies, the manager points out that Twitter still has time to avoid the global blockade in the country if it agrees to delete the content requested by Moscow. According to him, it is content that includes child pornography, as well as other topics on suicide in children or possession and promotion of illegal drugs.

However, Twitter does not agree with the rating that Russia gives to that content whose removal it requests. According to the social network, this type of content has no place on the platform.

On the other hand, the Russian Foreign Minister on Saturday accused the United States of using its large technology companies to exercise a abuse of position in areas such as Social Media, where North American companies “indiscriminately censor content.”

Everything suggests that Russia’s request is the result of a digital confrontation between the two superpowers, rather than a direct affront against Twitter. However, the social network could be seriously harmed if its operations are finally blocked in the country within 30 days.


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