Russia slows down Twitter and threatens to ban it

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Russia has announced its plans to slow down the speed of the social network Twitter by not removing content deemed “illegal” from the platform. This has been confirmed by the Roskomnadzor, popular name of the Federal Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media Supervision Service, which has indicated that the speed of Twitter will be reduced in all mobile devices and in 50% of the rest of devices with Internet access , such as computers or game consoles.

The speed reduction will be all mobile devices and in 50% of the rest of devices with Internet access, such as computers and game consoles

The body also warns that if the social network does not react in accordance with the demands of this body it could reach completely block Twitter in Russia. The content resulting from the controversy (according to the Roskomnadzor) would be publications that encourage minors to commit suicide, as well as publications of child pornography and others related to drug use.

This government communications oversight body affirms that between March 2017 and March 2021 it has carried out more than 28,000 cancellation requests of publications with content that it considers inappropriate, as reflected in the Twitter Transparency Reports. Specifically on the publications that encourage minors to commit suicide, he affirms that the rest of social networks have been more collaborative than Twitter when it comes to removing said content.

According to Twitter, the company maintains a zero tolerance policy towards the exploitation of children and recalls that the terms of use of the platform prohibit dissemination, glorification and induction to suicide and self-harm, in addition to the fact that it is not allowed to use the network social activity for any illegal activity or behavior, including the sale of drugs, which is another of the accusations made by the Roskomnadzor.

However, Twitter’s explanations do not convince the Russian government. The slowdown of the service has already been used previously in countries such as India and Turkey, where even prison sentences have been threatened in case of passivity from Twitter in this matter. In other cases, platforms or social networks have taken years to be active, as in the case of Telegram, which took two years to start its services in Russia.

Social networks like Twitter have been using a mix of human and automated resources for years to prevent or cancel the publication of inappropriate content. From human moderators to artificial intelligences, they are evolving and perfecting their operation, but the high amount of all kinds of content that is published every minute on the Internet is such that it is practically impossible to control them all, especially in the case of real-time transmissions through streaming, which is a challenge to be overcome by these platforms.

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