Samsonite presents its smart backpack with Jacquard technology from Google: connected and gesture control

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Google has been working on Project Jacquard for more than five years. This project seeks to bring technology and connectivity to clothing and accessories without filling everything with cables or other annoyances. An example of this is the new backpack in collaboration with Samsonite they have submitted. From one of its handles it is possible to control domotic objects of the house and characteristics of the smartphone just by making gestures.

The backpack looks relatively normal. That is, it does not reveal practically anything special that implies that it is a smart backpack or with connectivity functions. It comes in two different versions that are the standard and a smaller one and thin. In both cases the color is black with white details.

But what exactly can you do? On the left handle it has a series of bands that allow detecting gestures being touched. The backpack supports a total of four different gestures: swipe up, swipe down, double tap, and cover. With these gestures and combined it is possible to control the playback of the smartphone, invoke Google Assistant, ask for the time, take a selfie, control lights, accept calls and many other options.

For all of it the Jacquard chip is required to be placed inside the backpack and that the Jacquard app is installed on the phone. The chip is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and vice versa. In addition, this chip has an LED that can act as an indicator to receive notifications or other warnings.


Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack, the official name that this backpack receives is now available. It can be purchased from the official Samsonite website for a price of $ 219.99 for the standard version and $ 199.99 for the Slim version.

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Google’s smart apparel

Project Jacquard is a Google collaboration with other brands to put this technology in products designed by others. The first time we saw it on a real product it was on a denim jacket in collaboration with Levi’s. In this jacket, by brushing and making gestures on its sleeves, we could control the phone, for example, since the fabric was essentially tactile.


Later, other products such as sports soles have arrived in collaboration with Adidas. These soles act in a similar way to a quantifying bracelet, allowing to count steps but also technical details when playing soccer. For example, you can count the passes that are made or the force with which a ball is shot.

Finally, the backpack that they presented in collaboration with Saint Laurent stands out. A backpack similar to the one they have presented now but of course, with the Saint Laurent luxury brand as a strong point. This brought its price to $ 995. Although its technology is apparently the same as the $ 200 Samsonite backpack.