Samsung has introduced these smart home appliances

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The CES (Consumer Electronics Fair) wouldn’t be CES if Samsung did not announce a series of new products. Specifically this year is loaded with smart appliances, the more time the company invests in its vision of a connected home, the more we end up using smart refrigerators and vacuum cleaners in the world, it is something similar to what Apple does with its technological products, but if there is a benchmark in connected home appliances, that is the Korean brand.

A state-of-the-art refrigerator

Samsung has presented different products, among them is the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge, which, for example, includes all the same nifty storage options currently found in the company’s bespoke refrigerators, but also allows for a peek inside the fridge with an integrated camera. All interactions are handled by a large touch screen that has also received new features in its interface. Now your apps are arranged on specific home screens for different uses, meal planning, and more.

Samsung smart appliances Samsung

There’s also new tools here for the novice cook or nutritionist. It’s possible to plan a family meal week on a calendar, plus it has a Samsung cooking app, which provides inspiration for all kinds of meals, automated ingredients, and guided cooking instructions channeled through the 25W speaker of the fridge.

A robot vacuum cleaner with a large number of sensors

They have also presented the latest Vacuum cleaner robot of the company, the JetBot 90 AI +, combines the usual matrix LiDAR quarter sense with a large number of cameras powered by the image recognition algorithms in the Intel device. They report that the JetBot can identify objects as small as 5nm. The JetBot can even detect people and act as a video surveillance camera, and if you’re not around, it will send you a notification so you know.

Beyond these news of AI recognition, you can configure the JetBot to avoid certain areas and schedule cleaning sessions. Also, all the debris that the JetBot collects is thrown into its docking station when it finishes cleaning.

Now what we are spending more time at home than ever due to the coronavirus, this causes more dirt, so buying smart appliances might not be a bad idea. Samsung has yet to provide pricing for its new range of smart home appliances, but it is expected to see them in stores very soon.

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