Samsung will have augmented reality glasses to compete with Apple

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It seems that we are going to have another segment in the market in which Samsung and Apple compete. We are not talking about new phones or tablets, no… in this case what everything points to is that both companies are working on launching their own augmented reality glasses. And, at this time, important details of the two models prepared by the Korean company have been known: Glasses AR and Glasses Lite.

Therefore, the Korean firm reacts to the possible arrival of this type of AR product by those from Cupertino, which seems quite clear that it will not take long to put theirs on sale. More fuel for the technological competition that both companies have had for a long time. The fact is that each of the models that aim to reach the market, it remains to be seen whether this year or the next, they have a different approach: one, the Lite, will be for personal use, while the AR seek greater interaction with the created environments and can be considered more professional.

Some videos show what Samsung works on

It has published information in which you can enjoy videos in which the two AR glasses prepared by Samsung are seen in operation. In them it is seen that the idea is to launch models that have a minimalist design and, therefore, that they are not elements with dimensions such as Virtual Reality glasses, which at the moment are not having the impact that was expected of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that Samsung wants to explore this segment of the market that seems to have more wickers to be an option that achieves universalization.

Even one of the videos shows how the future Glasses AR and Glasses Lite interact with DeX, which is a company tool that allows you to use smartphones as if they were a computer. With these glasses, no monitor would have to be connected, so we are talking about a very important step that will allow an evolutionary leap that has been seen in science fiction movies. The fact is that the idea of ​​use is excellent, we will see if Samsung manages to implement it.

Obviously there is no specific date of arrival on the market or price of each of Samsung’s augmented reality glasses, but at least the Lite model should be economic if you want to get adequate sales. In addition, it is also important to wait to know the compatibility they will offer, since ideally they can be used with any device that has Android inside or, failing that, a specific application from the Korean company.


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