Samsung’s Smart TVs are the first to receive the Apple Music app

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Samsung's Smart TVs are the first to receive the Apple Music app

It seems that those times are gone when Apple only looked at its hardware to introduce its services, in a policy of exclusives in the most literal sense of the word, that is to say, to exclude: no one other than those from Cupertino had the right to enjoy what they offer on their devices, computers, players, etc.

But things have changed so much that there is no one who recognizes the company, who is capable of opening Siri to third parties to work on the wizard, as Apple TV takes you to Fire TV Sticks from Amazon. So it should not surprise us that your music service is available on a Smart TV. What is paradoxical is that, with everything that has been done and said in the past, the first partner in this television adventure is Samsung.

Available on our television

In the same way that in the application stores of the main television brands we already have other platforms for streaming musical, those of Tim Cook have found it interesting to put a pike in Flanders, that is, in the brand that annually sells the most televisions worldwide. In this way, the owners of one of these Smart TVs, they can get off now the app from Apple Music.

Now, not all the Korean models will allow this so-called miracle, since its presence will be limited to the models launched during the year 2018 and laters. If you have a previous Smart TV, you should ask the Samsung support if it will arrive at some point, although it seems complicated that it is.

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Apple Music on a Samsung Smart TV. Sammobile

Needless to say, it has to In order to listen to the tens of millions of songs on the service, you will need to have an active subscription, which costs between 10 euros for the individual, and almost 15 for the family. If you do not want to drop a single penny and just try how it works, you have a promotion that gives you three months completely free, so you will not have to pay until the fourth.

Now if you don’t want to keep that subscription either, You can always activate it and after a few days cancel it so that they don’t charge you any payment. This way you will have music on television by the face until, at least, the month of July. By the way, and it is important, as the app It is also on Android, in addition to iOS, all playlist, featured topics and library will appear on the Smart TV in synchronization, to continue playing where you left it on the phone.

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