ScreenStyler, a way to customize Windows 10 without installing patches

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Brian Adam
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It seems that what is related to personalization in computers has been relegated, compared to the possibilities we have on the smartphone. This may be related to the customization mechanisms available in Windows, generally based on the installation of patches and overwriting of system files. Therefore, we want to present you a way to customize Windows 10 avoiding all this.

To achieve this, we will take advantage of the functions offered by ScreenStyler, an app that allows us to customize Windows 10 by adding from docks like on Mac to widgets.

Customize Windows 10 easily

Customizing the systems we use helps us improve the experience when working on them and also the comfort. However, if this involves installing third-party patches, it could pose a significant security risk. For this reason, we do not usually see system customization as a very widespread trend. However, if we can avoid these potentially dangerous elements, it would be a great advance.

This is precisely what ScreenStyler has managed to achieve through its functions. This application allows us to customize Windows 10 by adding new elements and modifying the color scheme. In addition, it should be noted that we are talking about a completely free application.

Customizing Windows 10 from ScreenStyler is a task that enables us to design a complete desktop. To do this, we will have available elements such as widgets, docks, wallpapers and the possibility of placing them wherever you want. Additionally, you can also modify the size of the elements according to your preferences. We will do all this directly from the ScreenStyler editor.

When you are satisfied with all the changes, it will be enough to save them and apply them from the same program. These will be displayed immediately, allowing you to have an immediate view and then correct what is necessary. ScreenStyler is an application that is worth trying if we look for alternatives to customize Windows 10. It is free, easy to use and completely free, so the use depends solely on follow this link.


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