SDREAM Dolphin, the ‘crossover’ electric bike with anti-theft system

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Brian Adam
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As we have told you on other occasions, he already tells about sustainable mobility, in recent years dozens of companies have appeared with their own electric bicycle designs, reaching a point where it is possible to find models for practically all tastes. And today it differs from the others, not so much because of its power and motorization or design, but because of some functions outside of the usual ones in this type of model.

SDREAM Dolphin with anti-theft system.

These Dolphin SDREAM, which in turn have different configurations depending on the power we want to have in our hands, They incorporate an anti-theft system that we can activate when leaving it on the street and that prevents anyone from touching it without us finding out. And it is that at the slightest vibration we will receive an alert on our smartphone and the bicycle itself will begin to emit annoying siren noises to alert any passerby of what is happening. The range of distance that this system covers will prevent us from choosing it beyond 360 meters.

Removable battery and good autonomy

These Dolphin SDREAMs are specially designed for use in the field thanks to an intelligent suspension system that adapts its hardness to the conditions of the terrain. Obviously, we can also take it through the streets and it will be quite comfortable to go through the potholes practically without knowing it. As we have mentioned before, we will have two different models at our disposal: on the one hand the 500C / S series and on the other the 250C / S.

The first of them is the one with the best numbers, with a 500W motor capable of giving the bicycle a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The battery, for its part, has a capacity of 48V and 14 Ah. that will allow us to travel up to 100 kilometers without going through the charger. Precisely, the battery is removable and we can take it with us to charge it at home, connected to a standard plug that we have free.

Control of the Dolphin SDREAM through the mobile.

The second model is somewhat more modest but adapted to the limits imposed, for example, by the European Union for this type of vehicle. These are bicycles with 250W of power in their motors and a maximum speed of 42 kilometers per hour. In terms of battery capacity, we continue with 48V but, in this case, 10.14 Ah. that will give the bicycle a range of 65 kilometers in total.

All models offer up to six pedaling assistance modes, we can load an app on the mobile to take it as an information screen of speed, distance traveled and even battery charge, and all bikes have an interesting self-diagnosis mode that tells us if the bike has a problem. You have it available to reserve through Indiegogo at a price of 842 euros for the 250C / S model and 1011 for the 500C / S, with a delivery date for April 2021.


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