Sergio Sepúlveda from “Come joy” was infected with COVID-19

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It seemed that Sergio sepulveda I had freed him, but he finally turned out to be one of the drivers of the program Come the joy to get infected with COVID-19.

This morning the member of the morning of Aztec TV made a live link with his colleagues to talk about his health.

“I did things well, I am already undergoing medical attention and the oximeter is my new best friend, we must not allow the lungs to become inflamed and I am also taking my temperature. Yesterday I got a badge and my lungs are pretty good so far. I’m madder than anything else”He commented.

And is that Sepúlveda, also famous for the program Hard to believeHe has no idea where he could have been infected, since he only left his house to go to work.

Sergio Sepúlveda and El Capi Pérez, who was already infected with COVID-19 (IG: sergesepulveda)

“At 7:30 they came to my home to do the test and at night it turned out to be positive… the situation of being able to work on the production of the program throughout the afternoon, because at the end I have office hours, in the end prompts me to take care of myself more … Where did i get it, i don’t know”, He detailed.

Come the joy is one of the Mexican television programs that has suffered the most from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several of its members have been quarantined for having contracted the disease caused by the SarS-CoV-2 virus, with different consequences for each of them.

Patricio “Pato” Borghetti It was the first infected not only in the broadcast but in the entertainment world in Mexico.

Photo: Odalys Ramirez / Instagram - Patricio Borguetti / Instagram

Both the Argentine presenter and his partner, the host Odalys Ramírez, contracted the virus in March 2020.

Borghetti only presented loss of smell.

“Pato” was followed by other of his classmates, weeks or months apart, such as Kristal Silva, Flor Rubio, Brandon Peniche and “El Capi” Pérez.

Mid november Laura G he also announced that he had tested positive.

“On Sunday I went to work at Come the joy, I had a very strong allergy picture, because you know that I moved house, between the dust and everything, I thought it was an allergy, so I took an antihistamine to cut it off and responsibly I went to do the test without they asked me, ”he commented to his colleagues.

Laura G was two weeks away from "Come joy" (IG: lauragii)

“Thinking that I was going to be negative and that today I would be with you on the program, but yesterday I found out that I am positive, I do not know how long I have positive because unfortunately sometimes the virus gives you asymptomatic”He added.

After her corresponding quarantine, Laura G rejoined the program.

Unlike his peers, Ricardo Casares placeholder image the virus attacked him aggressively, primarily damaging his lungs. The presenter was alarmed by posting on social networks a photograph where he appeared connected to an oxygen tank.

Ricardo Casares revealed that he has been with the virus for more than 20 days

At the beginning of August 2020, Casares made the publication where he took the opportunity to express: “Putting on a mask is easier than putting on oxygen. Keeping your distance is easier than being glued to the tank. I believe in going out to recover our country with work but, really, let’s not stop the measures. Today I know how hard this disease is and it is very scary to have it. Beware”.

And it was until September of last year that he was able to rejoin the morning broadcast of TV Azteca.

However, in December he revealed that he still had sequelae from his contagion.

“Even though I am free of the virus I keep trying to recover 100 above all I get very tired and my eyes hurt “, he wrote in a dynamic question and answer with his Instagram followers.

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