Serial 1 is the first electric bike to bear the Harley Davidson name

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As is often read in many specialized internet forums, everything what has to do with the mobility of the future “will be electric or it won’t be”, and the main companies that have dedicated themselves over the last century to making cars or motorcycles have it clear. And if there is a company that has reached the category of myth in all the products it manufactures, it is Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Serial 1.

It has been a few hours ago when The North American company has published an interesting teaser of what will be its first electric bicycle and that will have the name of Serial 1. You will wonder if it has any special meaning, especially coming from a company that has a history of more than 117 years behind it … and the answer is yes. This name is a tribute that North Americans make in these new times of sustainable mobility.

Harley Davidson Serial 1 handlebar.

Technical data is not known

This Serial 1 collects the witness of what was the first motorcycle launched by Harley Davidson in 1903, the Serial Model One”With which it bears a striking resemblance that those of Milwaukee have wanted to update to the uses and customs of the 21st century. Wheels with white tires, that saddle with a leather effect and a general appearance that takes us back to those early days of the mechanization of traditional means of transport.

Harley Davidson Serial 1.

As you can see from the photographs published by the brand, all the small details of the bicycle have been taken care of, which now does not have a striking motor between the frame bars, rather, it compacts everything within its central body, where the pedals are located. It is there where the battery will also be housed, which will have a specific indicator to tell us how we are doing autonomy.

Serial 1 battery charge indicator.

As we mentioned before, Harley Davidson has only shown the look of Serial 1, leaving everything else for 18 days, that is, on November 16, at which time they will tell us what the power of their engine is, the autonomy of their battery, how many speeds we will have at our disposal and, in addition, what will be their capacity to connect to our mobile to store and supervise all the activity that we carry out with it.

Without the intention of being fortune tellers, Yes we are sure of one detail: that the price of this Harley Davidson Serial 1 will not be cheap, so all those interested in getting it is very good to start saving. Especially if you want to show off your Harley bike on the street.


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