Shahid Khan, a Pakistani national, is among the 400 richest people in the United States

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Despite the Corona epidemic, the fortunes of American billionaires have not diminished. (Photo, American Journal)

Washington: A list of the 400 richest people in the United States has been released, which also includes the name of Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American.

For the third year in a row, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos topped Forbes’ list of the 400 richest people in the United States, with total assets estimated at 17 179 billion in 2020. 1 111 billion in assets. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of دوسرے 85 billion Facebook, was the second richest person in the world.

Who benefited the most?

This year, Ilan Musk, owner of technology company Tesla, grew at a faster rate than his fortune. His fortune rose 242% from last year’s rating, and a 520% ​​rise in Tesla’s share price added more than 48 48 billion to Ilan Musk’s fortune. Last year, Musk was ranked 23rd with 19.9 billion, but this year he is ranked seventh and has a net worth of 68 68 billion.

The only Pakistani on the list

Shahid Khan is the only Pakistani-American engineer on the list of the world’s 400 richest people. He went to the United States at the age of 16 and at that time had nothing but 500 500 and a plane ticket. In 1980, he bought the car parts company Flex Ann Gate from his former owner. He is ranked 66th on the list with assets of 7.8 billion.


Their one-piece truck bumper was the main reason for their success. His company currently has 64 plants and 24,000 employees. Shahid Khan also owns sports clubs and news channels.

Number 275 of the US President

Compared to 2019, US President Donald Trump has dropped 16 places in terms of wealth. According to the American magazine, Trump’s branding is also declining and now his real estate developers have stopped using Trump’s name. Their assets have fallen sharply in the past year.

The Corona epidemic did not stop wealth

According to the American magazine, despite the Corona epidemic, the wealth of 400 billionaires in the United States has not decreased. The wealth of American billionaires increased by 8% over the previous year.

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