Share Instagram videos in your WhatsApp statuses with BakLink

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At this time we can find the story format in most of the social platforms that we occupy. However, among the busiest, the presence of Instagram and also WhatsApp is undoubtedly. The latter incorporated the stories in the form of states and in that sense, we want to present you a way to publish Instagram videos in the WhatsApp states.

Its name is BakLink and it is an application that in 3 movements will allow you to have the audiovisual content of Instagram on WhatsApp.

Create WhatsApp statuses with Instagram videos

WhatsApp statuses have become a very busy area for its users. The content that we can find in these states does not differ too much from what we see in Instagram stories and even the feed. To publish in this area of ​​the application, we must have the material in the memory of the device. In that sense, if you want to publish Instagram videos on WhatsApp, you will first have to download it and then publish it.

This process can be very long and it is worth having a tool to download Instagram videos. Therefore, the use of BakLink is a better alternative, since nothing else will be needed to publish Instagram videos on WhatsApp. This app is free and with just 3 steps you can mount that Instagram video that you liked in your WhatsApp status.

The use process is extremely simple and to start, go to Instagram and open the publication you want in your statuses. Then, touch the button with the 3 dots in the publication and choose the “Share” option. When the options are displayed, choose BakLink and the app will immediately download the content. Then, it will take you to the WhatsApp screen to choose whether to send it to a contact or publish it in the statuses.

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