ShareIt has a huge security flaw and you better uninstall it

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Brian Adam
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There should be no room for insecure apps on our devices. Although these fulfill functions that we value, security is a vital factor for any user. We say this because recently alerts have been raised about an application that you probably have. Its name is ShareIt and it has a huge security breach, extremely dangerous.

This has been stated by the specialists of Trend Micro, which also inform that it is not the first time they give the notice.

Do you have ShareIt? Take it off immediately for your safety

ShareIt is an application for Android whose function is to share files between devices. Its great attraction was the possibility of achieving it without even using the internet connection, and the process was very simple. This earned it millions of downloads since its publication in 2013, as well as a 4.1 rating on the Playstore.

However, the huge security issue that ShareIt has is the ability to remotely execute code. This was Trend Micro’s discovery, something quite delicate considering that it leaves the door open not only to control the app, but the entire device.

The possibilities through this security breach are multiple, from manipulating the read and write permissions to installing apps silently. So, we are talking about an application through which we could lose control of our team.

Notably, Trend Micro discovered this security breach in ShareIt a few months ago and made the notification. However, on February 8 of this year a new version of the application was released and the flaw remains. So, by not being corrected, it immediately forces us to avoid these problems by uninstalling the application.

The good news is that there are many file sharing options that we can replace ShareIt with. Security is a vital factor for each of us as users and in that sense, it is best to get rid of apps capable of violating it.


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