Shortage of computer chips affects Apple

shortage of computer chips affects apple
shortage of computer chips affects apple

Lots of news about Apple lately. A record profit , the tech giant saw sales in the first quarter of 2021 increase by a whopping 54.6 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. And new products. But things can go wrong with the delivery of those brand new products.

Shortage of chips

There is a dire shortage of computer chips worldwide. Industries around the world are struggling to meet the rising demand for products such as cars, high-tech gadgets and smartphones, the BBC writes .

And Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook says computer chip delivery problems could affect products with their own M1 chip, including the new iPad Pro and iMac 2021.

Shortage is threatening

Cook responded to analysts in America: “We expect to be supply dependent, not demand dependent … The shortages are mainly related to iPad and Mac.” He also says that his company has everything under control as much as possible: “We have a good grip on our demand – but what everyone is doing, I don’t know … We will do our best, I can tell you.”

The sheer cost of chip manufacturing facilities means they are near full capacity, so it will take time to meet increased demand.
Apple has seen sales of its phones, apps and other devices soar during the pandemic as consumers spent more time working, shopping and seeking entertainment online, the BBC writes.