Six free online courses that you can start in October to train in cybersecurity

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Possibly the first weeks of October are one of the times of the year when we are most used to starting new projects, especially if they have to do with training , due to the beginning of the course.

Six Free Online Courses That You Can Start In October
Six Free Online Courses That You Can Start In October

So, if you had in mind to start or delve into an area such as cybersecurity , you are in luck: not only for the time of year, but because you have at your disposal several free online courses that may be useful to you.

Four of them are offered by the e-learning firm Cybrary , whose platform is usually paid but which, on the occasion of ‘cybersecurity awareness month’ , are available this month for free.

Computer Security: Defending Against the Digital Dark Arts

The course ‘ Computer security: defense against the digital dark arts ‘, offered by Google from the e-learning platform Coursera, is part of the professional Certificate of ‘Information Technology Support’ of the search engine company.

Lasting 26 hours (although structured to be completed in 6 weeks), and available for free and in Spanish, this course begins by covering the most basic aspects of security in IT environments to move on to areas such as cryptology, ‘security AAA ‘ (authentication, authorization and accounting’), network security and company culture focused on security .

Cybersecurity Fundamentals: A Practical Approach

“Learn to think like a hacker, but act like an expert in cybersecurity” is the motto of the course ‘Fundamentals of Cybersecurity: a practical approach’ offered on the edX platform by the Univ. Carlos III of Madrid and the Inter-American Development Bank , with several COSEC (Computer Security Lab) researchers as trainers.

Its curriculum begins by touching on cybercrime and cyberwarfare and touches on topics such as computer forensics, reverse engineering, cyber defense, malware, and data breaches . For only € 25 you can add to this knowledge a certificate verified by the teaching institutions.

Web Defense Fundamentals

The ‘ Web Defense Fundamentals ‘ course is aimed at providing us with notions about web application security , to avoid that when we develop ours it is vulnerable to SQL code injection attacks, Cross-site scripting or any of the rest of the TOP10 of identified threats by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Much shorter than the previous ones, this course has a duration of 1 hour, and is available in English (with subtitles).

End User VPN Security

The ‘ End User VPN Security ‘ course is aimed at educating users on the concept of VPN ( virtual private network ), its operation, uses and commercial options. Classified as ‘intermediate’ difficulty, it is only a two-hour course in English (with subtitles).

Certified Information System Auditor

This course is aimed at preparing the user to obtain the prestigious CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification for information systems auditors .

This course of ‘intermediate’ difficulty, which in addition to purely technological aspects also addresses other business and legal aspects , consists of more than 13 hours of training, and is available in English (with subtitles).

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

Another course aimed at obtaining a certification, in this case the CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge), focused on the cybersecurity of cloud systems and that, unlike those offered by Azure or AWS , does not focus on any platform in particular.

Its different modules introduce the student to concepts related to cloud computing, SaaS, virtualization and security infrastructure , in addition to addressing legal, business and auditing aspects.

This course of ‘intermediate’ difficulty has a duration of 10 hours, and is available in English (with subtitles).

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