Sky Q is renewed: first look at the new graphical interface

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We have been testing for a few days the new software arriving on Sky Q, for now only in beta, which will bring several news to the platform.

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special Sky Q is renewed: first look at the new graphic interface

Sky Q is an evolving platform. It could not be otherwise, however, technological innovations no longer pass only by hardware but are increasingly proposed in the form of software update. In this context, Sky Q is a very particular service, because it was born between two worlds, that of satellite and that of streaming, between past (and present) and future.

Sky has every intention of taking the best of both worlds, but to do so it will need constant updates over time, that’s why the new Sky Q update lays important foundations for the future, without revolutions but with little tricks that we will see to arrive more and more often.

Centrality of content

Today we will talk about the main news that we observed during our direct test. Sky has not yet provided a complete list of changes coming with the new version of the software (the Q120.002.15.00L), many adjustments will surely go unnoticed.
The first thing you notice is the disappearance of the picture in picture mode while browsing the available content. The sky calls this new function “widescreen interface” and provides for the automatic closing of the left side menu, which gives access to the various thematic areas, when you move to the right part of the interface, thus leaving more space for content.

Old interface

Widescreen interface

In this small change, we note Sky’s desire to get closer to the style of streaming services, which offer their content in this way, without side menus to reduce the viewing space.

In this perspective, the new “showcase pages”, real hubs that allow simpler and more rational navigation of certain content. Take for example “The Walking Dead“, with the new interface it is possible to access all seasons without having to change the page, thanks to a faster and more accessible menu, which allows you to quickly reach any specials present.

Also on this page, you can see another small novelty, I smart buttons. Take the case of a subscriber who saw the first episode of “Das Bot” and who intends to continue the vision at a later time.

Returning to the page dedicated to the content, you will find the button to view the second episode directly, without having to navigate further in the menus to find it. Similarly, if the viewing from the episode has not been completed, the button will invite the viewer to continue viewing.

These are just some of the functions that we will see in the final software, as soon as we have the complete list we will not fail to do a second test. Meantime Sky UK has already presented other news to the press coming with the update, ranging from a more accurate vocal search to the new “Sports Center”, but it remains to be seen if they will also concern our country, better then wait for more information from Sky Italia before talking about it.

However, an important confirmation comes from the United Kingdom, which should also concern Italy or a change in the policy for the distribution of updates. So far, in fact, Sky has used the satellite for their transmission to the decoders, with the new update instead they can be done directly via the internet.
This opens the door to a faster and more constant update process over time, so in the future updates should become more frequent, a correct choice and which we hope will bring greater dynamism and innovation into the Sky Q ecosystem.

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