Smart Threat Defense: How AI Helps Businesses

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Companies should not be alone. In a world that is moving towards full digitization, in a country where many still raise their eyebrows when talking about teleworking, brands, organizations and entities must be interdependent, support each other and march together on a path that leads them to achieve the maximum optimization of your resources , taking into account elements as essential as safety in the work environment.

In this sense, HP integrates within its portfolio a hardware and software combo as well as a comprehensive program of support and collaboration with the professional sector to boost the confidence that companies need, in a reality in which everything has changed, threats Safety is more sophisticated and visible and the pace of work is set by a health situation from which we have not yet seen the way out.

HP Impulsa: essential technology at an affordable price

Ia Hp 02

To be even closer to professionals, HP has created a space of trust, dedicated to business collaboration, to provide customers and partners with everything they need in this new change of scenery: HP Impulsa .

IT support at your fingertips – The business must anticipate issues, many of them unheard of due to the new normal. Thanks to this program, you will have at your disposal a set of trained professionals who will monitor, in real time, user activity and provide operational and threat information, continuously updated (the virus ecosystem never sleeps) thanks to HP TechPulse. This technology identifies the problem and anticipates a response from security experts.

Trusted technology . Hardware, accessories and consumables of the HP brand, selected according to the particular needs of each company: personal computers equipped with the latest in artificial intelligence to combat cyberattacks, servers, printers and consumables, etc.

I work remotely safely . Device security is strengthened thanks to dedicated hardware, with multi-layer proactive protection, designed in HP labs.

An affordable payment . The company can have an offer of packs in HP Impulsa from 40 euros per month.

In short, HP Impulsa wants to give the worker and the company exactly what they need most. Because, in addition to dedicated hardware and software and remote IT service under continuous surveillance, what is most valued in these times is being able to trust a project that allows companies to do their work with the total security possible .

Armored and AI Hardware to Protect Business Integrity

HP Security Labs

‘The safest computers in the world’. This is HP’s cover letter, a brand that is aware of the paradigm shift we are witnessing, in which companies must change their roadmap at full speed. A path marked by the increase in teleworking, which requires armored equipment to protect all company data .

Artificial intelligence becomes an inescapable element of business hardware and software . And more so now, than the DDoS attacks that have seen in the growing demand for online work the perfect scenario to destroy the strength of computer equipment. Without going any further, during the first quarter of 2020, these types of attacks have tripled, affecting, above all, educational and administrative centers.

In order to cope with the new situation, HP has a range of professional notebooks dedicated especially to work environments that demand the highest security conditions. These are the HP Elite, specially designed to ‘ protect, detect and recover from cyberattacks before they become a problem ‘. That is, they anticipate problems before they lead to a crisis.

Ia Lg 02

‘Artificial and human intelligence at the service of maximum security’. This is how HP defines its commitment to the integrity of the company, basing its hardware on HP Pure Sense technology , available in its ‘Elite’ computers. This technology “uses proprietary deep learning and neural network algorithms to instinctively recognize such malware and protect against never-before-seen attacks.”

These teams, in addition, are based on a series of reinforced security layers:

  • HP Privacy Camera to share only what you need.
  • HP Multi-factor authenticate for fingerprint authentication.
  • HP Sure View Gen3 that limits the peripheral vision of the computer screen by lowering the brightness automatically.
  • HP Sure Click to avoid malware while browsing.
  • HP Sure Start fixes any external attack that affects device startup.
  • HP Sure Run that, even if the computer is being a victim of malware, it keeps its processes running.
  • HP Sure Recover restores OS image over wireless network.
  • HP Endpoint Security Driver , protection hardware for Intel processors.
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