So WhatsApp can be hacked without you noticing

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You Whatsapp it no longer works normally on your cell phone? You know what happened? There’s a solution? Thousands of people in the world like to chat there. Best of all, the app has a series of features that others of a similar function do not.

However, by working with internet connectivity, Whatsapp it is also exposed to the dangers of cybercriminals. Many of them offer, for a certain sum, to hack accounts without any kind of restriction.

In recent days a method has been spreading that allows another user to access all your conversations without you noticing. Therefore, you should be careful otherwise, you could lose all your conversations.

Also remember to notify any of your friends or family in case you have been hacked. Inform them, by text message, that you will soon recover your account from Whatsapp.


There are several users who have had problems with their accounts Whatsapp. Some pointed out that they cannot enter because they have suffered some kind of hacking from third parties. How do they do?

According to the web Ace an acquaintance of yours, or a contact, can send you a text message on WhatsApp telling you that they have sent you a text containing 6 digits. Being someone we know who he is, there is no way to doubt.

This is the text that appears on your WhatsApp when an unknown person has hacked your account.  (Photo: MAG)
This is the text that appears on your WhatsApp when an unknown person has hacked your account. (Photo: MAG)

Because of the trust that exists between both people, you do not hesitate for any second to give you that 6-digit code that has arrived on your cell phone.

When you least expect it, you will get a message that you cannot log into WhatsApp because someone else is using your app. Therefore, you have been hacked.

It should be noted that WhatsApp will soon enable the possibility of opening your conversations on any mobile device, and we must be careful not to see which terminals have been associated with our account.

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