So you can schedule downloads in Chrome for Android

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2021 04 09 12 01 32.jpg

Chrome continues to lead the browser market, thanks to the number of functions that come together to provide a good user experience. Although it has some flaws, such as excessive memory consumption, Google continues to bring important improvements for your browser. In that sense, we will show you how to activate one that will allow you to schedule downloads on Android.

This is a new function incorporated in the flags section that makes available a calendar and clock to indicate the date and time when we want to download.

Schedule downloads in Chrome for Android

Downloading from the browser is a daily task that all users are familiar with. However, we are not always in a position to download a file immediately. We may not be in our WiFi coverage area and we want to take care of the data plan quotas. This makes it necessary to reschedule the download, however, we can also forget it after a while.

So that this does not happen, comes this function that is in the testing phase and that allows the downloads to be programmed. In this way, if you cannot do it at this time, you can tell the browser the exact moment to start it.

As we mentioned before, this function is in the flags section of Chrome, so we must activate it. To do this, open Chrome on Android and in the address bar type: Chrome: // flags.

This will take you to the flags page where all the experimental options are located. Go to the search bar and type “Download Later” (without the quotes).

This will filter the results and then you will see the function at the top. Here, tap on the drop-down menu, select the “Enabled” option, and then restart the application.

Now, when you go to make a download, the option to schedule it will be presented, showing a calendar and clock to choose the correct moment. This will allow you not to forget those downloads that you cannot do right away.