So you can share the internet from your iPhone to other devices

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The iPhone is a professional tool that goes beyond the functions of a mobile. It was transformed into a device that went from making calls and texts to a small computer that fits in the palm of the hand. With the use of the internet, iPhone has an essential function which is to share internet to other devices. If you have data and another device that needs internet access, today we show you in a few steps how to share the internet from your iPhone.

The Mac has no LTE connection. And if you have an iPad without a cellular network, the iPhone can serve you in an emergency

In my case, I surf the internet most of the day on my Mac. However, the speed is not the best. When I need to speed up a video download or display it’s so easy to have internet sharing from your iPhone. When I normally went out on the streets with the iPad, I liked the ease of sharing the internet from the iPhone in places where I knew it was not safe to use Wi-Fi.

Whatever your need, the internet sharing function is very valuable and even more so if you are somewhere without Wi-Fi (which can be from your home or the home of a relative).

How to share internet from iPhone in few steps

What data plan do you have available on your iPhone? Before starting, make sure it allows you to share data to other devices. In Mexico, in the special case of the Unefon company with an “unlimited” data service, it is not possible to share it with other devices, otherwise with what happens in a plan with the Telcel provider (except in “unlimited” service hours) .

You can connect several devices and while that happens you can continue using the iPhone. Take into account that this function when making combined use of Wi-Fi and data it will consume so much battery in proportion to the shared connection time.

  1. Click on the Settings app -> Internet Sharing
  2. Change and / or confirm the secure connection password
  3. Turn on the Allow others to connect option when you’re ready

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