Some Tesla already know if you are accompanied to adjust the ventilation system

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You have thought the same thing on some other occasion: you go alone in the car and, when you turn on the air conditioning, you check that all the ventilation outlets start working at the same time, which does not stop being an excessive effort on the part of the refrigeration system, which does not know if one, two, three or four people go inside. Is a more efficient system that focuses only on the driver possible?

Something like this must have thought about Tesla because a few hours ago an update began to arrive to the owners of some Model Ys where can activate a new function that Elon Musk’s have called “Front passenger ventilation”, and that allows the car to detect if we have any other companion with us and act accordingly.

Greater energy efficiency

It is evident that any small amount of energy that one of these cars saves is pure gold because it will have a few more kilometers of autonomy assured, and perhaps for that reason, from the company they have decided to add this function that will be able to know if we are accompanied by another person to, in case you do not detect anyone else, focus all your climate control efforts on us, closing the other air vents.

New passenger detection function to ventilate. Teslarati

In Americans’ description of this feature in the 2020.28.5 patch notes, they speak precisely of better energy efficiency that “increases the range” of their cars. In this way, by activating that “Front passenger ventilation” on a Model Y, he “Car will automatically deactivate the front passenger vents when no passenger is detected, which will reduce power consumption in hot weather. “Still, they warn that” this vent can be manually enabled by tapping where you want the front passenger’s vent to direct air into the climate control panel. ”

The way the car has to know if someone else is with us is the same as when it detects if someone is sitting and asks them to fasten their seat belts, so does not require the installation of special hardware that requires us to go through the workshop Although, for now, this improvement only affects a small number of owners. We will see if in the next dates Tesla extends this function to other more popular ranges and it can be used in time to combat this summer that, throughout the current week, is going to squeeze us (the thermometer) very nicely.

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