Soon an iPhone or Android smartphone can be used to open the Tesla

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Apple and Samsung They have been quietly developing new technology to seamlessly find and unlock the car with the phone. This breakthrough could be used without even taking it out of your pocket, and Tesla may be one of the first to use the technology.

The North American company is actively working on the iUWB technology integration in their cars, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Apple and Samsung develop a technology to find and unlock the car with the phone

On September 9, the company introduced six new “products” for its certification FCC, including two key fobs, a security controller and a series of “terminals” that would be installed inside the frame and cab of the vehicle. According to FCC documents, at least three of those products explicitly support UWB communication.

Additionally, Tesla’s submission to the FCC is unusual in that it includes a full operational description of the technology, something that is generally written to try and hide the advance from the public.

To leaked #Tesla FCC document shared by The Verge suggests that Tesla’s next cars will support Ultra Wideband, a technology that’s built into the latest #iPhones and in vehicles, allows for greater accuracy when unlocking a car with a smartphone.#Manzana

– Rahul P (@ RahulP2021) February 3, 2021

The highlight that you see in this presentation is the UWB implementation standards-based, which means that Apple and Samsung phones should be compatible with this technology.

Is technology is designed with protection that prevents attacks trying to trick the car into thinking the keys are nearby. In addition, it will also unlock the ability to find the car in a crowded parking lot using the phone, something that Samsung is already working on and wants to launch a specific application by the end of this year.

This technology UWB will be inside the car, possibly in the handles of the doors, to properly triangulate the location and know if we are inside or outside the vehicle.

This certification by Tesla does not necessarily mean that it will add all this technology to its cars, but the FCC documents are usually a good sign that it is not just an experiment. These types of filings to the FCC are often one of the last benchmarks before a product hits the market.

THeard a milestone that could open many doors to driving pleasure: just by configuring your iPhone or Android mobile, you can use it as a key for any compatible Tesla, guaranteeing maximum data protection and security. The technology of the future is already here, soon we will be able to do many more things than we think with our smartphone.


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