SpaceX Inspiration4 will have an exclusively civilian crew

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Despite recent mishaps with the Starship test flights, SpaceX continues to advance Inspiration4 plans, the first fully civilian mission to head into space, confirming new details about the already assigned crew, and the competencies they must assume for promotion.

And it is that although Inspiration4 is planned as a civil mission, this does not mean that the crew will go without a relevant beginner preparation. And it is that the four participants must first go through SpaceX commercial astronaut training, learning some essential nuances from both the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, as well as the Crew Dragon ship in which they will travel.

The training will consist of a large amount of data, condensed in just a few months in partial and full mission simulations conducted by SpaceX. To begin with, all four of you will need to understand things like orbital mechanics, how to operate in microgravity and zero gravity, and other problems they may encounter along the way. There will also be training on how to deal with emergencies, how to get in and out of spacesuits and even the ship.

Civil crew SpaceX Dragon Inspiration4

Finally, we do not want to stop talking about the protagonists themselves: the crew. And it is that SpaceX has already confirmed who will be the four participants of this mission, as well as the roles that each one will take:

  • Jared isaacman, CEO of the company, will be in charge of the mission.
  • Hayley Arceneaux, With experience working as a medical assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, he will be a medical officer.
  • Christopher Sembroski, An aerospace employee at Lockheed Martin and a veteran of the US Air Force, he will be the mission specialist responsible for managing the Dragon payload, science experiments and communication with Earth (among other things).
  • Dr. Sian Proctor of Tempe, selected by an online business competition, who will take on the role of mission pilot and act as backup to the commander.

With a date yet to be confirmed, the Inspiration4 mission will take place “Not before the fourth quarter of 2021”, which means that there is still the possibility that preparations will not be completed this year.

While this mission will not take you to the International Space Station, it will be an event that will keep you in space for several days. And the goal is make an orbit of approximately 336 miles around the Earth, with the spacecraft circling the planet every 90 minutes. So, in addition to the civil journey milestone itself, while in orbit, the Inspiration4 will carry out different scientific experiments in zero gravity, whose character is yet to be decided and announced.

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